Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Marriage


She stumped the thorny aisle, pled troth, wore ring,
but on that morn no happy birds did sing.
His awkward kiss grazing her fast-turned cheek,
the justice of the peace smiled: two such geeks!
Babes in the wood, unaware and sorely bound,
a small cafe, for their wedding repast was found.
Thus the beginning, which did not bode well.
The toad did not transform; she heard the tolling bell.
When it came to the intricate game of life and love,
it seemed she was a solitary dove.
Marry in haste, so many years to rue.
He built the cage from which she finally flew.

They came apart: the years ahead too bleak.
She waved farewell; he kissed her fast-turned cheek.

a response to Shakespeare's "Sonnet 116": what happens when there is not a marriage of true minds, for Susan's Midweek Motif prompt at Poets United: Marriage


  1. "The toad did not transform; she heard the tolling bell." LOL Up until here, they were both at fault! Superb repetition and I love the imagery of Dove and cage and that little peck on the cheek.

  2. the words are the beats of the solitary dove heart...soft but strong...

  3. Such a wise & profound write!!

    Lots of love,

  4. the toad did not transform... I wonder how often that is the fault of the princess' expectations rather than the toad's own ignorance of its own worth.

  5. luv the "toad line" best
    SO real and candid, luv it

    Have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  6. I think this such a sweet one, when I was young, it seemed too many married, for married sake, to young to know what would lie ahead...no wonder they didn't make it through the hardships that would surely come their way.

  7. This is fantastic. I especially like these:

    "She stumped the thorny aisle, pled troth, wore ring"

    "Marry in haste, so many years to rue."

    also the way you framed the piece with a kiss at the beginning and a kiss at the end

  8. Glad that you flew from the cage of the toad who did not transform. Life is too short to live caged.

  9. I love hot he use of her turned cheek and am very glad she flew..funny I called my mother's second husband toad - he was a monster..needless to say I never 'get' marriage...so much in here that hurts and yet ultimately it is a poem of strength, survival and courage xo

  10. Sherry,

    You've painted a scene which many probaly experience..Marrying in haste, or on a fashionable whim. Spots and imperfections seldom perfect!

  11. Too funny, and pic so cute...you got very inspired, Sherry!

  12. Even in such a sad piece the humor grins through. How often this has happened when the full implication of the commitment was not thought out.

  13. There are way too many toads out there Sherry. I love the way you gather up speed as the distance broadens. I guess many of us learn by doing...

  14. Tsk...you see this what comes of being immersed in too many fairy tales. You see Sherry, if you kiss the frog, it does not turn into the Prince (chortles)...and it does not help either if Dad is standing behind him with a shotgun LOL

  15. Sigh...marriage made in haste lead to disaster! How true is that!!
    A beautiful poem that offers wisdom about life and love. Loved reading this, Sherry!

  16. Alot of wisdom in these lines
    think twice before you say I do"

  17. "The toad did not transform." I love that!

  18. So good to see her fly free of the cage!

  19. Sherry, your poem describes, too tragically, the fate that awaited too many of my cousins, who married too young, due to unexpected pregnancy.

  20. Such a clever poem, Sherry; wonderful rhymes and cadence. Thanks, k.

  21. Lovely, but sad. You, as always, wrote it so well. Thank you, I enjoyed reading it. Been there, a part of it. Guess that's life.
    We married young, very young. Had to lie some and find a witness who would lie also. Found him on the street, he did well, the county clerk knew we should marry.
    Thirteen years later the mash finished it's job, our marriage had turned sour. No cages, she flew from the nest. Next one, better take, the mash is dormant, we'll celebrate 43 years next week, the 24th.

  22. Trouble with kissing toads, Sherry, is that the kisser turns into a toad too... Great rewrite of this alternative scenario.


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