Monday, February 15, 2016

Sproat Lake in February

The misty skies called to us,
and young Sebastian and I
set off on an adventure.

 Sproat Lake was beautiful,
draped in cloud.

Next, we went to the Quay,
where the best doughnuts in town
are to be had.

This canal is a very long passage to the sea.
Big foreign ships dock here
to load up on lumber
from our vanishing forests.

Local West Coast carvings grace the dock.

The big bird looks like he might just
lift up and take Sebastian for a ride.

This is Swept Away Inn,
where fine dining aboard
will delight the connoisseur.

West Coast salmon

A stop at the playground
made for a perfect day.


  1. Sebastian surely enjoyed that ride, as his rather toothy grin proclaims :)

  2. Some wonderful photos here, Sherry. An awesome post!

  3. What a fun experience you gave this little guy, Sherry!

  4. aw...what a cute smile with two teeth missing!...lovely pics sherry...


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