Friday, October 31, 2014


Pass me the stir-spoon, Sister, quick!
This stew's getting a little thick.
Push down the devil's claw. Mix in some thyme.
The brew must be ready by dinner-time.

A pinch of this and a pinch of that,
and dont forget to spell the Cat.
Owl sits in the corner with beady eye.
Toss him a mouse as you go by.

While it is brewing we'll sip on some gin,
and call the witches-in-training in.
Thrice round the cauldron, add some eye of newt,
and mind how you circle, or you'll tread on my boot.

Toss in two warty toads and the leg of a frog.
Let's fly round the meadow, skinny-dip in the bog,
count all our warts, multiply by two,
and I will teach a new spell to you.

To draw love, catnip, valerian for sleep.
Drop a marigold bloom in your tea; let it steep.
Calamus root and the knuckle of a frog.
We'll sing in the kitchen and dance with the dog.

Come out, my pretties, to the meadow in the hollow.
Skinny witches first, and the fat ones follow.
We will chant incantations, swoop around on our brooms,
and watch that black cloud cover the moon.

Snakes go hiss and flames they crackle.
Potions bubble and pop to the witches' cackle.
Toads gather at the pond in our friendly way,
Cause it's always fun on Fireblossom Friday!

For Fireblossom Friday at Real Toads. I hope you will forgive this re-post from a couple of years ago, also written for Fireblossom Friday. I am sick today, but still want to take part. This meets the topic: something spooky (also something kind of sweet, I think.)


  1. Oooooooooooo ...
    Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble! Feel well soon, Sherry!

  2. Hahaha! How's your foot? Are you hopping around a cauldron in the woods? Sneezing in the soup? Sending happy healing energy.

  3. Sounds like a fun witching time ~ Get well soon Sherry ~

  4. Sounds like a fun coven! Hope you feel better soon, Sherry!

  5. Super super charming, Sherry! Funny and biting and energetic! Feel better! k.

  6. Poor frogs and snakes! At least the owl gets to eat. Poor mouse!

    I can hear their silly chant in my head, altered by too many sips of gin... hilarious!

  7. This sounds like some fun witchery...

  8. Since I didn't see this first time around I'm glad you reposted this fun ditty! Hope you feel better.

  9. very witchy indeed!!..get well soon dear friend...

  10. what a cute, witchy write. i love how it rhymed and flowed...and all those tasty details! mm mm. :) happy halloween, sherry!

  11. hahahahh the witches dancing and singing after all its there season!!!

  12. I love how it rhymes and brings the cackle out into the light of day~ so, fun!

  13. Just a delightful spin round the cauldron, Sherry. Loved it.

  14. Come out, my pretties, to the meadow in the hollow.
    Skinny witches first, and the fat ones follow...

    These lines cracked me up!
    Hope you will feel better soon, Sherry.

  15. love this, Sherry. why does Halloween inspire rhyming? it really does. hope you feel better. xo

  16. I was thinking this should be read on Halloween, like The Night Before Christmas is read on Christmas!

  17. ha - now that is some kind of brew... if you just didn't put in the warty toads - i might would've tried a spoon full... smiles
    happy halloween - and hope you're feeling already a bit better... smiles

  18. Definitely sweet as a witches brew..and always love sisters and cats!

  19. Nothing like a nice holiday recipe, Sherry! btw, I purposely didn't require a new poem this time, in case people had a classic up their sleeves.

  20. Awwww get well double soon Sherry!

  21. ha. i hope you enjoyed your holiday....smiles...i was at the football game most of the night...but my boys raked in the treats....

  22. Smiles - and hope you feel better soon ~

  23. This is precious. I missed Halloween on the blog. Had too much going on. But I'm glad I caught up with this one.

  24. This is my first read of it I think… really fun!


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