Monday, October 6, 2014

Hold On

Does the world on the tv screen convince you
we are careening over the cliff of no return
in the most calamitous way?
Dark and Light are warring;
some days it seems darkness will win.

Don't believe it.
Watch the autumn dewdrops 
winking along the spiderweb
on the trellis.
Note the leaves curling up and dropping
in the eternal cycle of death
which will create new growth.

In the middle of devastation, war,
displacement, genocide,
bombs, beheadings,
the cycle of life continues:
babies are born, wailing,
alongside their wailing mothers.
Green shoots poke out of the earth
where bombs dropped
just last year.

Renewal is programmed, 
built-in, instinctive, 

Transformation, like all birth,
is painful and messy.
But joy, relief and gratitude
for new beginnings
lie on the other side.

Everything in me
has to trust
in the power of life
to persevere,
trust how every being and organism 
on this planet
wants to live.


  1. Fine poem moving from TV news image to the great outdoors and then to faith and trust. You provide enough evidence to be convincing, and the title adds its own "Stop! right now!" emphasis to the message. I believe you.

  2. renewal is is the cycle of nature isnt it...though at times i wonder honestly...perhaps we could have a renewal of spirit...though often it takes dying to some things to get there....

  3. I am with you, praying, and trusting in the spark of goodness within will win.

  4. Yes, Sherry. We always have to keep believing in new growth.....keep having faith in new life appearing out of old.

  5. The hope is that science can keep up and keep us safe. But. Why haven't the countries with money chopped in to eliminate the Ebola virus? Be cause we have the money and don't want to share. Problem doesn't exist until it reaches us? It won't be cured overnight, we could have had a head start. Same goes for climate change, breast and ovary cancer, dying of the bees, etc., etc.
    IF it is a problem it isn't ours. HA !!

  6. we must vote for those that will promote, legislate and fund issues that our hearts believe to be of greater priority than the war machine.

    every chance we with a platform and ability to communicate these concerns and suggestions (applicable options) must do so. let's take advantage of this social media vehicle.

    we must show that faith and love of all life is of greater priority than those who believe in destruction and war.

    oh, by the way, Sherry...lovely words and inspiration mi amiga

  7. Hey Sherry-- beautiful flow here. Personally, I have faith that the planet will persevere in some way. I am far less sure that humans will be part of it. K.

  8. With changes in nature, climate, everything is turning haywire and who is responsible for this: we humans

  9. Sherry, I must print this and put it by my bed to read every night.


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