Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Day In Autumn

“Choose the least important day in your life. It will be important enough.” 
― Thornton WilderOur Town

One day in Autumn.......
Nekiah hand-stitched every single leaf
to make Tree Spirit costumes
for you and your friend, 
Isaac Blue Sky.

How could we know, back then,
just how precious
were those fleeting
days of grace?
Just how fast it all was
flying by?

First, you grew.
Before I knew it,
before I was ready,
you were out of the nest
and away,
living all of your heartbreaks
and hard times,
so young and heedless and rash,
my hair slowly turning
the color of silvery ash.

Nekiah is gone.
It was cancer,
Isaac Blue Sky's life,
forever fractured.

Those innocent faces up there,
those round trusting eyes
that enraptured,
those smiles that had not yet
known pain........
remind me that once,
once in autumn,
we all lived precious days
that will not,
will not ever

for Susan's prompt at Mid-Weel Motif: One day in the life..........I admit, I slightly altered a poem written in 2010 for this prompt, given I have spent the day online working on other things. It just seemed to fit.


  1. It fits--but it would fit next week, too, so maybe there willl be a part two or three? Love the costumes from the day that will never come again. Yet how enrivching that day was to all it touched, living and dead.

  2. So very true, Sherry. Each day we live we can never live again. Sad when one looks back at particular days such as the one you described and knows that the happiness that these two boys knew then is never to be again. You wrote a poignant poem, Sherry.

  3. Your recycled poem is vey touching. I am sorry that someone so young can be taken by cancer. And it's so true that time goes by and happiness sometimes slips by us without our recognizing it at the moment. And those moments never will return. This is a lovely poem Sherry.

  4. true that moments can never have captured it beautifully

  5. You just never know what is around the bend for those we love. Im glad you chose this...

  6. we're given some days in our life to spend as we like. ..but they are so few...sigh...a lovely poem Sherry

  7. Sherry, oh how your poem made me think of myself as an innocent child losing it all as I become an adult...those innocent days can never be bought back. Cheers!!!

  8. That sounds like a hard day for memories.

  9. I can feel the loss just looking at the photo...there is such space in children's minds (if they are given safety to explore) could that ever change or worse still end...and such a beautiful name..

  10. its such an awesome gift to capture precious days in poetic musing

    thanks for stopping over at my blog

    much love...

  11. This is beautiful. I look at pictures of my girls before life used its hammer and I grieve. But I am thankful for the beautiful women the have become.

  12. Life really is a two edged sword, joy and love on one side and sadness and grief on the other. How important it is to use it well and have no regrets. A most touching poem Sherry.

  13. 'we all lived precious days
    that will not,
    will not ever
    again.' ~ summarize well your dear memory. xx

  14. Oh. Yes. I understand. Beautiful. And I'm going to kiss my 6 year olds cheek right now.:.


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