Monday, October 13, 2014


First light over Great Central Lake

first light tiptoes on foggy cloud-feet
as the mist burns away
the  gifts of the day will be revealed

the trees tip back their heads
and drink deeply of October's rain -
relief at summer's end

Sunset over Sproat Lake
from Heart of Vancouver Island

though sunsets happen far from me,
beyond my sight,
I remain ever grateful
that they exist at all

Blood Moon
Sidney Observatory, Australia

in darkness, I look up
to admire your most perfect beauty,
and you light my way


  1. There really are so many gifts that nature has given us. Light alone is a wonderful gift, as you have expressed. And the beauty of the moon's light is difficult to surpass!

  2. Beautiful poem Sherry. I especially like the last stanza. Nature does light our way. Enjoyed the pictures you posted for this too.

  3. the trees tip back their heads
    and drink deeply of October's rain .... oh i just love that image....and together with the pic it's just perfection...

  4. sherry, every time i visit your blog, it's like taking a long breath of fresh air.

    marvelous pictures...and you've written about my favorite thing: the moon.

    this complete post is brilliant. :)

  5. it poured rain here the last couple i have tipped a head back as well...still, the colors are bleeding through the trees....

  6. Love. The trees tipping back their heads is my favorite.

  7. Each one is a gift, Sherry ~ Thank you for words tonight ~

  8. Love each of these - so filled with light and natures gifts - beautiful, Sherry


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