Thursday, October 23, 2014


Inukshuks at Rogers Creek, Port Alberni

October, 1996

Spirit in the stone,
you sing to me
of bygone centuries
and ancient mystery.
Once you sat with other Grandfathers in the fire
in times that were so close to life and death.
Water splashed on stone and in the vapors
Spirit-prayers rose upon the Old Ones' breath.
The sacred smoke carried the prayers higher -
words of trust in sustenance and seasons -
up to the Spirit-world on wings of fire,
full of a gratitude that did not ask for reasons.
You once ringed communal fires upon the common,
where families came to take hot coals away,
carried them home to light their own hearth-fires
for needed warmth to keep the dark at bay.
You have known the ocean's roar, ice floe, volcano.
You have been a temple in another land.
Water and fire and earth and ice have honed you
til now you come and fit into my hand.
You connect my heart with all that has a spirit:
all that lies upon the ground and all that flies,
the Standing People and the winged ones,
those breathing peace and those soaring the skies.
Your ancient presence speaks an untold story,
has witnessed centuries of joy and pain.
I place you back on earth in testimony
to all that passes, all that will remain.

One from the archives, kids. I have carried on a love affair with rocks and stones for a very long time. This was written when I worked at Kakawis, on Meares Island, where I took a boat to work and back every weekday. In those days, I  found heart-shaped rocks by the dozens on the walk uphill from boat to office. Those were good days.


  1. beautiful..i imagine the many suns and moons these stones have seen. how many feet have traversed this path. can imagine the the many ebb and flow of rivers water splashing on them and from whence the water, too, has traveled. and life goes on

    oh spirit of the universes, tell us the meaning of all this

    gracias mi amiga

  2. I'm so glad you posted this one Sherry. It is so beuatiful. I was just reading something about thel energy in stones. You capture their spirit in a wonderful way with such reverence and respect. I love this poem.

  3. Its is amazing!! the wisdom of the ancient brought out wonderfully.

  4. i think i have a love affair with stones and rocks as well.. always found them fascinating - and they could tell so many stories as well...

  5. funny how we find hearts when laboring up hills, yes, Sherry? love this piece ~

  6. What a wonderful poem, Sherry. You find connections everywhere.

  7. You have a nature's heart-green and growing! I love this one, too~ I brought home a heart stone from my shore in Maine! There is a special connection to our home through the eyes of nature!

  8. Hey Sherry--I love also these little monoliths people build--I think there's another name too--there are many by me as I live in a place with a great deal of stone/shale. Lovely poem, and so glad to read of your connection. k.

  9. nice...i used to give polished stones to my kids that i counselled for things they accomplished...its pretty cool to think on all the feet that fell on the stones we find...and the stories behind them


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