Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Undiscovered Heart - Distressing to Animal Lovers

Mama Jade and her rescuer

Mama Jade was found last October wandering, in terrible shape, wounded, obviously having been abused, mistreated, and used as a fight dog. Her rescuer  cared for her, got her medical treatment, (turns out Mama Jade, after a life of hell, had cancer, too), and loved her till her poor, terrified heart healed and warmed to love in return, (far faster than her human counterparts' would have). 

She was at first afraid to let the woman out of her sight - the first human who had ever shown her love. Her rescuer publicized her story to raise awareness; people  responded to help with the cost of recovery, and Mama Jade was given a chance to live happily for what time she has left. Plus, on facebook, and in every heart that hears her story, she will  live forever.  Including mine, which shed tears for her today.

The way is tentative;
so cautiously, I go,
feeling my way. Advance, retreat,
until I know

that you are comfortable
as I slowly enter in.
Gently, ever so carefully,
we begin.

You have walked through the fire.
I'm breaching charcoal walls.
So tender is new skin,
so fearful as they fall.

I'll sit with you in silence,
loving acceptance to impart.
Let us explore the hidden corners 
of your undiscovered heart.

for Susan's prompt at Mid Week Motif: Exploring

Note: I just checked through facebook, and this beautiful girl is still alive, in a forever home, and doing well. Bless dog rescuers, who know the incomparable beauty of a dog's heart.


  1. Gently beginning with caution and care! How stunning in simple profundity. Thank you, Sherry.

  2. oy...i am glad she found one that would care for her when they found her...after being mistreated it would be hard to build that relationship...time and patience...

  3. The poor darling. I can't understand the kind of people who abuse animals, and i don't want to. They just want love and basic needs and they give so much in return. I am so glad she has found a loving home at last.

  4. This is a moving story and you have written a very touching poem, Sherry. 'Let us explore the hidden corners
    of your undiscovered heart.' - my favorite lines.

  5. Oh, the beginning of this story breaks my heart; but I am so glad there is a happy ending. Bless the rescuer, and may the sweet dog have some wonderful years ahead.

  6. What a touching post Sherry ~ I am happy to read she is recovering with love and care ~ Bless those rescuers hearts ~

  7. The emotion that engulfs me when I hear stories about abused animals is actually impossible to describe, it sickens me! How wonderful your story has a happy ending.

  8. Blessed are those who care for abused animals. I would just like to say animal abuse includes dumping animals when you go away on holidays or move house and cannot take the pet with you. The number of animals dumped over the holiday period is alarming and the number of healthy anmals that have to be euthanased ( let's get real ..slaughtered) is huge every year. Humans..hey !Our Franciscan Church is having a blessing of the animals this weekend...I will take pics and put it on my blog:)

  9. Touching...this paints worlds of characters with absorbing. details. Wonder, how people can be so ruthless with animals..heartless bunch!!
    I am glad, she found a home that gave her the support and healing..
    I loved this poem, Sherry. A lovely read indeed :)

  10. strange is the way of the world where cruelty and love coexist...there's no doubt that love wins in the end...this is so moving...

  11. How someone can be so cruel !!! :-(( Feeling happy that she has finally found a peaceful and loving house...

    Wonderful lines sparkling with tenderness ...

  12. Gently sitting beside any creature or person that needs healing is much underrated..glad this little soul is still alive xo

  13. you know my hearts connection to these creatures which are but a reflection of our hearts. lovely story and uplifting. your piece is gentle and melancholy which reflects your heart

    gracias mi amiga

  14. A great expression of that tentativeness that we all feel, even our furry family members, after being hurt. Its great that she found a new home. Well written Sherry.

  15. I love your poem Sherry. That's what dogs do. They help us explore our hearts and enlarge it.

    Tears are flowing after reading this. Last night I found out a dog, that I would have rescued, a beautiful silver pit bull with a gentle disposition, died. He was young. An acquaintance had him but he had many mental, physical, financial problems and I don't think he took good care of the dog. Anyway, a few weeks ago the dog ran away. He was found yesterday in the desert with a rope around his neck. I'm so sad.

  16. Cannot imagine any other animal other than a dog that can assist their owners the way they do. Yet they can be subject to cruelty and neglect. Great write Sherry!


  17. We got a dog like that who had survived (dont know how long) on the streets. I learned about survival from this little friend. They are so willing to warm our laps and our hearts. Thanks Sherry for giving these friends a place of honor.

  18. i'm glad she found someone who cared for her and gave her love after having to suffer so terribly..

  19. So sad--and your poem could describe all kinds of tentative relationships - those marked both by fear and trust.K.

  20. ... and we where asked to care for the creature... so much hate in the world

  21. Thank you, Sherry for sharing this! It makes me so sad to hear of abuse of all animals~ I am happy to hear she has found true love-so deserving!
    I love the tenderness in your words~

  22. such a touching story..glad to know that she is doing well..wonderful Sherry

  23. Dearest Sherry you made me cry, it was a touching story!

  24. Oh Sherry I am also in tears...your words reach so many who have been abused and rescued human and animal alike.

  25. An amazing poem, Sherry, offering a lesson on on to approach, enter, nurture, love. I learn from you every time I read your work.


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