Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today's News

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, age 24
Rest in Peace
Globe and Mail photo

Before morning coffee,
my sister comes in to say
"Turn on the tv."

A young man serving his country,
beloved, a son, striving for honor
in his life, and purpose,
and dreaming of a future,
standing guard at the War Memorial
on Capitol Hill,
like any other morning of his working life,
is shot dead by a gunman,
who then runs into the Centre Block of Parliament,
pursued by security.
30 to 50 shots are exchanged,
till he is shot dead, in turn,
by the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Canadians are shocked,
watching emergency responders
and SWAT teams 
on our tv screens.

The madness is at our doorstep, too.
No escape, anywhere.

Two young men, at opposite ends of the spectrum,
with likely diametrically opposite pasts,
will not return home tonight.
A nation loses some
of its innocence.

for Mary's prompt at dVerse: the news. Sadly, there is only too much of it to report, on any given day. This is today's.


  1. This is so very sad. Such senseless shootings are frightening. I really wonder what those who commit such crimes think they are promoting.

  2. Sherry, heard the news of this today as well. A horrible situation. I wonder where the perpetrator got his gun since Canada does not allow citizens to carry guns; but then again I guess whoever really wants one can get their hands on one.

  3. so sad...i was watching updates between classes today..and learning more as it continues to develop...i wonder what they hoped to accomplish, you know...

  4. So sad when innocence is lost to violence. My heart breaks for both those young men. It's such a tragedy.

  5. What a terrible situation and, sadly, so common. This was a tough event to capture but you worded it well.

  6. It's sad when we see two youth losing their life ...where to blame now..the lost life will never come back..

  7. So tragic and senseless.
    Your work paints the picture.

  8. So devastating, a beautiful soul dies and for's just senseless.

  9. tragic killing sad incident great loss

  10. So sad when senseless killing is promoted under the guise of faith. A well-written lament.

  11. No one knows when all this will end...will it ever end?...this is so helplessly annoying...ugh...poor boy...

  12. This is a tragedy in any man's language.

  13. Such devastation -- and we are at loss to why?... whatever the reason -- senseless

  14. I am saddened and struck by the senselessness and waste of it. Not only tragic for the individuals and families involved,but as you say, poor Canada has lost it's innosence too. Your words cut to the heart with their straightforwardness.

  15. Yes, too much tragedy and that one strikes close to home Sherry ~ This afternoon, our subway trains were delayed by security and we just kept on waiting knowing all these things in place are for our own safety ~ Good to see you dear ~

  16. there is so much crazy in this world ~

  17. You said this so well, and what a powerful close you composed. Hugs you. It was a hard day for our country.


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