Monday, April 8, 2013


South Beach -

Through the grove
of ancient cedar
sings a melody
that calls to me,
as to a mermaid
from the depths
onto her rock,
and looking all around
at the new world
she has found,

as to a mother wolf
called back and back again
to the river full of salmon
for her young,

as to the inner beacon
that leads, unerringly, a murrulet
from sea to forest,
home to its far-flung nest.

Grandfather Opa
waits patiently
through the decades,
as I have waited,
counting every ticking moment
between that vital time
through the quiet years of service
ever since.

On the wind,
is that him whispering:
"you have waited
long enough" ?


Salt-tears ride the wind,
formed of ocean-spray
and my longing.
How many tears must a heart cry
before it can
go home?

In the wind,
a familiar melody.
In the sky
streaked with sunset,
a beckoning.
Along the ocean's shore,
a promise:
you can go
Home again.


  1. This instantly made me want to pack a suit case and head for the coast.

  2. Ah, just the idea of going home again....beautifully penned, Sherry.

  3. Yes, we can go home again, just as long as we remember that we have been changed by our gone away days. Beautiful yearning, Sherry,


  4. You know my friend ... I felt all that you felt as you penned this.

  5. Just ask'n?

    When we share such wonderment, wether of the giant arboreal with its wisdom gathered from the heights of its reach and age, from observing the emulsions of the lakes and seas and the miracle that we,with our eyes our souls our hearts so limited they may be,
    will afford us a good seat in the next phase of our existence?

  6. Through the grove of ancient cedar - What great lines to start off this poem. Full of yearning and life.

  7. will read and read again. The creatures, landscapes... they live and have a force within the poem: it connects.

  8. Beautifully atmospheric and full of great imagery.

  9. Oh my - this brought tears straight from some place you touched of profound longing and regret. A wonderful and heart-wrenching poem.

  10. Whoops I don't know what happened to my post - I may not have hit publish... Oh no!

    Okay I'll try again.

    This poem touched me - releasing tears - reaching a place of incredibly yearning and aching regret. A wonderful piece that for me was deeply heart-wrenching. ...and exquisitely written and presented ... (additionally I learned a new word in murralet) Just beautiful - Bravo!

  11. Oh...ha ha now I will have double comments ... Enjoy the day... Ioved the poem

  12. I like your emphasis on our being part of the natural world and being able to hear it like the other critters - if only more of us could learn to listen like them :-)

  13. Beautiful Sherry ~ Your words lifted me this morning ~ Happy Sunday ~

  14. I am getting ready to go home for the first time in 3 years, very changed and very curious to see how home feels now. Your piece tickled that excitement for me a little more.

  15. Oh Sherry I feel the longing in your words. But,
    you can't go home until you have finished your work.
    Keep writing. . . somewhere you voice will speak to just the right place . . . and then you will find peace.

  16. I love the way your poetry is so full of the natural world!

  17. "How many tears must a heart cry before it can go home?" Love this one!

  18. wonderful as ever.full of that mystic resonance which we find so recurrently in your best poems.loved it.

  19. I love the image of the mermaid on her rock, looking at a new world. It's like a calling home, and the home remains the same no matter how new it looks. Lovely verse :)

  20. Gorgeous and full of hope... especially the ending.

  21. I like how you so often return to the elements of water and wind to draw comfort and connection. It is a grand way to feel the welcome of the earth.

  22. Your love of nature is obvious in the tender way you write about her.

  23. Sherry,

    What a beautiful poem, though almost a lament. Perhaps we have connected in some way, as I too wrote about reflecting back in time....Nostalgia in vogue!!!
    Your images are absolutely beautiful and remind me why Vancouver is still on my 'To-Do,' list:)
    Have a better and more restful week Sherry.
    Best wishes,

  24. Very beautiful! I love the song of the ancient cedar!

  25. Beautiful imagery and emotion.


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