Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Observer

the art of Katana Barnet from walkswithin.com

Within, lives the Observer,
who sees what is often,
consciously, unseen.

Deep in the crannies and crevices
of reverie and remembrance,
we know
more than our minds
know we know.

Through the
all-seeing eye
in our collective unconscious,
we look back through all of time
at an ancient
way of being.
We look ahead
into the vastness of forever
to all that is
Mystery and Possibility.

The voice within
reminds us:
Look through 
your Big Window
at the expansiveness
of the universe.
Unfurl your branches.
Raise them high.
Reach and grow.
Embrace each year,
each circle
on your trunk,
with gratitude
and wonder.

Bring forth your gifts.
Be the one
that you took this life
to be.

There is an old wise woman
who lives behind your Eye.
She knows the journey well.
Follow her.


  1. I am testing - people are having trouble posting onto my site. I have checked the settings and cant see anything out of order. Will keep an eye on it. So sorry for the glitch, anyone who may be trying to post a comment. It likely will clear up.

  2. Love the idea of the old wise woman and using her as guide. I should hope there would be no problems posting this comment. Will let you know if there is, Sherry.

  3. What beautiful words Sherry. I've missed your kindness and wisdom. I'm still in the process of transition. Have moved-sort of. The packing and unpacking is not finished and the repairs and fixing of both houses continues. We're already in our little town house though. So glad I peeked in on you today. I'll resume blogging in about 2 weeks I hope. Take care.

  4. 'There is an old wise woman
    who lives behind your Eye.
    She knows the journey well.
    Follow her.' I love the way you have put it...very wise indeed. All in all, wonderful piece of writing.

  5. Love the Wise Old Woman... wisdom incarnate, within all of us. We are all made of the same stuff as the rocks, the trees, and especially the rain... a lovely reminder of connectedness to the spiritual and natural realms. Beautiful. Amy

  6. Yes indeed we have to listen to the wise woman, once we recognize that she is there! Good one, Sherry.

  7. Very well said...just that we tend top bury the wise old woman in our sub conscious


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