Friday, April 12, 2013

Wild Woman Goes to the Beach

Well, kids, I'm back from the beach, and it was wonderful. I had my camera beside me on the trip up, as every inch of that highway is beloved to me. I quickly realized that, in order to stop for every photo opp, I would have to pull over every fifty feet. So I  missed several shots I  would have loved to capture for you, mainly because my reflexes are slow, people were on my back bumper and I couldnt stop fast enough. Grrrrr.

All the way there, one passes rivers, creeks, waterfalls, lakes, rock cliffs running with water, forest, clouds, mountainslopes, craggy rocks and, sometimes wildlife (though not this time). I uttered "Wow!" aloud, more than once.  Here's a quick peek:

Then I turned a corner and there it was - Long Beach.  In years past, the swells showed clearly from the top of the hill, waves rolling in to shore, spectacular.  But the trees have gotten taller, and one just catches a glimpse now. It still thrills me, turning that corner. That vista will never get old.

Nor will anything else in Clayoquot Sound. Everywhere I looked, it was a FEAST for the eyeballs. Joy. Joy rising. I had joy on a daily basis for ten years when I lived there, midst such natural splendor. Every time I return : joy, everywhere my eyes fall. I fit there like a key into a keyhole. How did I ever misplace that key?

When I pulled into the driveway, Chris was waiting, and it wasnt very long before we crossed the street and stopped by Osprey's house to pick up three of her dogs for a beach walk. I adore Osprey's little cabin. Tibetan prayer flags flying everywhere. Buddha land!


First glimpse of the beach was through the camera lens, of course, with a brief pause while Chris disentangled herself from the leashes and set the dogs free. Far in the back is Frank's Island, that I lived across from my first winter in Tofino. Pure magic!

There was quite a wind the first day, and the waves were pounding. The harbour in town was very choppy with whitecaps, and it made me nervous about going up to the float next day. We decided to wait on the marine forecast next morning.

Of course there needed to be a second beach walk before sunset. I so love the way the beach grass looks as the light is changing........

Then it was time to head home. Wild Woman, walking dreamily about in her near-sighted haze, asked, "Is that a man standing, waiting, up there, or is it a pole?"

"It's a pole."

"Oh. I thought it might be my dream man............" arching an eyebrow, smiling knowingly, "He's checking me out!" 


Tune in tomorrow for "I Didn't Drown, in Clayoquot Sound." Hee hee.

( I didn't, either. But I did fall, as opposed to climbing, into the boat.)


  1. Your dream man-post misses you. I can tell because he is now leaning in the direction you drove away. Cackle!

  2. I enjoyed all the pictures on the trail of your journey.

  3. Buddah land...I love it! Oh, now I am sooo homesick...the last photo is my favorite...gosh it brings back such wonderful memories! Hubby and I were talking and he feels here is home...not me. My home is at the end of my time worn wharf, by the bay-someday! Thank you Wild Woman for sharing you joyous journey! ;D

  4. Just so atmospheric and beautiful. I'm so glad you go a chance to return to your favourite place on Earth.

  5. Love the pictures and serenity of the place ~ I am envious ~ My family is planning a trip to Vancouver, Richmond area ~ I can't wait to see the scenes of the mountains and islands ~

  6. Glorious pictures Sherry. So easy to see why you love this place,



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