Wednesday, April 3, 2013


freckle-face, pedal pushers and a pony tail,
pedaling her bike all over town,
twelve years old and on the cusp
just before learning how to curl her hair,
in days when she believed
"All I Have To Do is Dream"

a whistle would make her day,
a downturned, self-conscious smile
but she wouldnt look,
just pedal faster,
home to check in the mirror,
make sure her pony tail was still flying high........
almost but not quite ready to 
"Catch a Falling Star"

then hours of mooning in her room,
heart bursting with dreams and longing,
playing her small box record player
and wailing to Connie Francis:
"Where the Boys Are........"

She was waiting for her real life
to begin.


  1. Freckles and a pony tail...been there, done that! It was fun, and also difficult.
    I can relate to "wouldn't look"!

  2. This is something special, Sherry. I wish I had one of those box record players today - so many records I'll never hear played again.

  3. Wow, you really captured a moment here, Sherry! Obviously the last one is a song, but are the two other, in quotes, songs from the era, too? I'm thinking they probably are.

    I liked that she reacted to the whistle but didn't let on.

  4. Oh,I love this. Reminds me so much of growing up in the sixties, I had one of those little record players from Sears, loved riding my bike. Beautiful Sherry!

  5. There's that bike again. Bet it wasn't a three-wheeler! But first transport is all about that first freedom and the flying and the rhythms and the pony tails.

  6. This captures the time and feelings well, Sherry. And, yes, that bicycle brings it all back...............


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