Thursday, April 4, 2013

Flying Free

That worn, heavy body in the bed,
with tubes connected to  hidden orifices,
must be moved,
by two brisk staff members,
every two hours,
from one side to another,
must be cleaned and tended
as its processes forge steadily on,
must be powdered, 
so as not to offend.

Eyes closed, she sleeps,
deeply in coma.
She is all body now,
all process,
as slowly the systems close down,
the breathing slows.

Soon, there will be
a final breath,
then a profound silence.

Stand back
and open a window,
for that is when her spirit
will fly free.

posted for Kim's Verse First at Poets United, where the prompt is: the Body.


  1. A sad, truthful poem. The closing line fills one with hope. Nicely written.

  2. This is full of anguish and yet liberating at the same time. How do you do it, Sherry?

  3. We mustn't forget the opening. The body remains.

  4. End of life rituals can be tricky, can't they, Sherry. I appreciate the honor and care given by those who attend in these days, hours, moments.
    Your last stanza, flying free, ends this on just the right note.

  5. How gently you move us from the sadness to the release.

  6. Sherry,

    Having been a nurse in my younger days, I can relate very well to the sentiments in your poem. I recognise the need at a point in time, when the body simply lets go. Peace is the reward for the suffering soul.

    Well written as usual Sherry, with a caring human touch...
    Sherry, I always like to look across to your dear Pup, when I visit:)
    Happy April,

  7. sad, yet beautiful - love the title; it drew me into your poem

  8. And I've echoed the flying free, as it happens!

  9. You have really written 'end of life' as it is, Sherry. Painfully accurately. And, eventually it is the best thing for the spirit to fly free....

  10. Sad and yet another part of the journey! The wonder of soul...
    Well Done!

  11. I remember these days well, my days of caregiving that is. Oh my you have captured the last days well.

  12. A wish fulfilled! We always wanted to fly.

  13. Really well written, Sherry. And, very touching.

  14. I remember my mom on the brink of her death but she is lucky, she held on and until now she is well ~ Hope you have a good weekend Sherry ~

  15. I fear you have lived this, as have I. I used to sit and think, "Where have you gone," and imagine happy adventures...

  16. So devastating, with a perfect ending to make you feel better.


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