Sunday, April 7, 2013

Talmud Angel

[ In looking for something to post for Poets United's Poetry Pantry, this poem, back in the archives of 2010, spoke to me this morning. Do check out the Pantry - there are always many rich offerings, of a Sunday morning!]

How do you
keep hope alive
in times when
the March wind blows
and hoarfrost forms
around the edges
of your heart?
Times when
the winter wolf
stalks your footsteps
and you doubt the sun
will ever warm
your cheeks again?

Those are the days
when my eyes
seek the first light
of morning,
receiving each day
as a new beginning
with the possibility
of new perceptions;
days when I remember
there is a
larger landscape
than the one we see;
when I know,
if I look out through
my small window,
I may only see gray clouds
over the city.
Yet if I enlarge
that window
and my vision,
I can see the whole sky,
a patch of blue
just breaking
on the horizon.

In those times
when all around me
seems to be
chaotic and dissembling,
I have come
to understand
the universe is
simply rearranging,
through times of transition,
and on the other side
there may be
something wonderful
waiting that
I can't yet see.

I remember
that every cell and seed
in the universe
has one purpose:
to grow.

Even when living
feels too hard,
I still believe in life.
It is the underlying principle
of the universe.
In the midst of war,
political imprisonment, torture
and the worst that humankind
can do to one another,
a human’s instinct
is solely to survive,
to live long enough
to arrive at
a better day.

When your soul is
sorrowing and defeated,
and resists putting
one tired foot
in front of the other,
what I see is
the hugeness
of your spirit
that survived
the trenches
of childhood,
and the heartbreak
of lost love,
to get to this place
where you feel
you are
coming up

With all of my belief,
in you, in life
and in tomorrow,
(I who have walked
through similar
barren wastelands),
until you can
believe, again,
let me be the
Talmud angel
who bends over the
solitary blade of grass
that is your life,
and whispers to it:
“Grow! Grow!”


  1. Yes, there is always a larger view that CAN be seen....and the universe is constantly rearranging. We can never give up hope.

  2. May the Talmud Angel whisper to us all! This is a lovely poem of hope! Thanks for sharing!
    The River

  3. You offer us a wise vision of existence, Sherry. These words, in particular, resonated for me.

    Yet if I enlarge
    that window
    and my vision,
    I can see the whole sky

  4. Thank you, Talmud Angel, for teaching me that to keep putting one tired foot in front of the other is to grow toward that better horizon.

  5. the universe and science has so much to teach us

    quickening of the chakras

  6. Sherry, tell me what you thought when you reread this poem, three years after you wrote it. Were you impressed, and surprised, as if it had been written by somebody else? What I am trying to find out is how our relationship with our own poems changes over the years. Mine certainly does. I hope you were impressed with this one, as it is really special.

  7. A great philosophy for life there.

  8. Love the hope in this Sherry.. And the talmud angel. It's in the little things sometimes...the sun comes, we see the sky, we keep breathing...and growing and going...

  9. Given my darker mood today, you certainly were an angel whispering hope to me. The winter just seems to keep hanging on... finally with a bit of relief in sight. Have a great week!

  10. This is such a beautiful poem, one of those which steals your heart and you wish to remember each and every powerful line.

  11. I love the thought of a Talmud angel, Sherry! This was beautiful and inspirational. Your poem reminded me of a quote I love:
    “Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.” ― Mary Anne Radmacher ...

  12. While I adore the entire piece, Sherry, the line I like the best is the reference to rearranging. I shall adopt that perspective in times of strife. So valuable!

  13. Amen to that, my friend,


  14. Lovely words, Sherry. A beautiful morning can make the heart soar, and it's free. :-)

  15. "and hoarfrost forms
    around the edges
    of your heart?
    Times when
    the winter wolf
    stalks your footsteps"

    Though bleak, I do really admire the wording here. Nicely done.


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