Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Did Not Drown in Clayoquot Sound!

Chris and I decided to take our "people shots" before our boat ride up to the float, while our hair was relatively in place. 

It had been windy the day before, with considerable wave action and whitecaps in the harbour, which had made me  nervous about boating. But this morning, all was calm and the swells wouldnt return till early to mid afternoon. So all was well. However I made a very inelegant crash landing into the boat, falling rather than stepping in. Chris was horrified, and, after that,  the two of them raised and lowered me in and out as reverently as the flag of the British Empire!

My beloved Lone Cone, watching over the harbor.

The village, as we sped away.

Off-the-grid residents of the Sound
live in some extremely cute and funky dwellings.

Beauty unparalleled.

Spectacular scenery. Everywhere my eyes landed : Beauty! Joy! 
A feast for the senses!

At the float, Warren busied himself trying to locate the source of  a leak in the bilge,
while Chris tended to her beautiful greenhouse garden.

These two seemed to be trying extra hard to impress-
and they succeeded.

Can you see Mr Bee curled up for a nap inside this daffodil?
So adorable.

My sister calls this shot - "Beaver Creek Visits 
Clayoquot Sound".
Chris calls it "All she needs is a beer."
I call it "All I Need is a Nap!"
So peaceful there, I could have fallen asleep, 
listening to the birds, 
the bees, and the water softly lapping.

If you look closely, you'll see Warren hauling on the thick rope that fastens the floathouse to a strong branch on shore, to keep it - one hopes - in place during storms. This is a tricky procedure, as Chris had to paddle the boat in and out to deposit him on shore and pick him up after without crashing into the rocks.

Time for another beach walk, once we got home.
We visited the resident carver, whose carving shed
is located in the trees at the north end of Chesterman's, 
and had a peek at what he was working on.
That was pretty cool.
I missed the former carver, who died a few years back,
and who was a local treasure.

I felt Pup's presence on Chestermans more than I ever have in Port.
This is the beach we walked on twice daily, for years.
And I felt something else I never feel in Port - pure joy.

One last look, then home for a cider and supper. We were both too tired to return for the sunset 
- it was such a full, wonderful day - an adventure that filled my heart. My memory will return to revisit all of these wonderful sights until I can return there again. I told Chris, coming back to Tuff City in the boat, "I am so in love with Clayoquot Sound that I don't need anyone." It has been that way since 1989, when I first set foot in the land that is the home of my spirit.


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Sherry.

  2. Sherry, the images are priceless! I must tell you ~~ vivid blue is YOUR color! Welcome home.

  3. Thank you for taking us along. I love the two that picture you, knowing now what you are seeing in front of and inside of you. "In love" makes sense and fills the spirit here. Fall in love with the same entity again and again and again . . . that's the way I like it!

  4. What a beautiful place you live in Sherry - thanks for allow me to share your journey.

    Many thanks too for your kind and thoughtful comment on my post - it is much appreciated.


    Anna :o]

  5. Beautiful photos of your beloved place, Sherry. I feel relaxed just looking at them. Nice photos of you too. Love the one with you so relaxed. I would love to see the beauty of that area firsthand. So glad you had your getaway.

  6. My spirit feels lifted seeing you on this glorious outing! Your friends are so generous and kind...
    YOU are so funny..raising and lowering you like the British flag..I almost spit my Ice Tea all over the computer screen....cackle, lol... look happy just like that bee ;D

  7. How neat, to feel about a place the way that you do about this place. Everyone should have a spiritual home.

  8. Eegads you posted the gross pic of me and the paddle. You are so funny! You mean more to us than the queen of Blighty ever would or could! Hurry back! CACKLE! xo Chris

  9. So good to have friends who understand the need to get out and gallivant around, especially to favorite places,


    PS. Love your photos

  10. Thank you so much for taking us along.
    What a day!
    What beauty.
    And fun by the looks of it.

  11. I just loved this. I need a beach and a place to dream too.

  12. Lovely post Sherry, of togetherness, happiness and high spirits!

    And the award goes to....
    Beaver Creek!


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