Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Aubade for Papa

photo by Stephanie Dawn
South Chestermans at sunrise

My love
left me at daybreak
on a Monday,
for the other world,
though wishing he could stay,
peaceful and calm,
flew out the open window,
into heaven,
as I watched 
the curtains sway.

My love left me in springtime,
but his spirit
is never far from me
at break of day.
When I awaken
in the early morning,
I sometimes catch 
a glimpse of him
melting away.

He vanishes
before my eyes
are fully open,
into the trees
in all their springtime bloom.
And every April, now,
I know I'll see him,
from the corner 
of my room.

My love left me in April,
in the morning.
Peacefully, his spirit
fluttered free.
and forever,
every springtime,
will he make his way
from Heaven  
back  to me.

I remember his eyes,
so blue and buoyant.
I remember his smile,
smiled just for me.
Forever and forever
and forever,
we two grew
such a loving

He promised
he'd return to watch 
me sleeping,
send an angel
to be there
as I  awake,
promised me
he'll still sit
in Papa's chair,
said all these things
to comfort
my heartache.
 I dont open my eyes
too quickly,
in the morning,
and I try to laugh and smile
to ease the pain,
for tomorrow and tomorrow 
and tomorrow,
I know that I will see my love

The funeral was very moving, kids. What a huge, wonderful, loving family this is. Such a legacy George and Bernice created for this world. His kids and grandkids told stories. There was much laughter, there were many tears. Sebastian was being "very good for Papa", though an hour and a half is a long time to sit still for a four year old. He did well.

This was a well loved man. The church was packed, and many had to stand outside and watch the service on tv in the parking lot. 

Wikipedia says an aubade is a morning love song, in strictest form sung  from an open door or window to a sleeping woman. This made me think of George, who died at dawn, now looking in on Bernice these first mornings of his absence.

Yesterday - his burial day - would have been his 66th birthday. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Papa!


  1. What a thing to be buried so close to a birthday - and to have gone to rest so young. This was such a moving piece to read, Sherry. You write of grief with such tenderness.

  2. How lovely. I think this is a wonderful poem to share. It opens up the reader in such a special way.

  3. This is a very poignant poem, Sherry. I do hope that, at some point, you will be able to share it with Bernice. I think it would 'touch' her greatly.

  4. Your aubade is intensely moving ...
    sixty-six years are not enough time ..

  5. A tender, moving poem, so beautiful Sherry.

  6. I was very moved by your aubade Sherry ~

  7. This is really beautiful and moving, Sherry.

  8. I think the Lord held the hand that wrote this.

  9. O how lovely--daybreak, springtime, near waking, April--the entire progression gives us a time to remember and to receive him. This poem would be a great gift to your family. It has already gifted me.

  10. Such a beautiful piece...I feel the hope throughout it.

  11. This is very moving - and inspiring too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Such a moving poem on such a subject many find difficult to express well. Brilliantly put forth, Sherry!


  13. what a beautiful poem, so much love, a sweet tribute. My condolences to all.

  14. Very poignant. In grief the soul strenghthens to move on. Loved the form you chose to express

  15. Beautiful morning song, my friend. He must have a very special individual.


    1. Oooops! that was supposed to be "must have been." It's late, it's April, and I am very tired.



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