Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mother Wolf, On Waking

As I wake,
my whiskers twitch,
my nose catches the scent 
of morning,
of the earth stirring,
of creatures
in the bush.
My ravening stomach 
tells me
it is time to hunt
for breakfast.

What are these strange
dangling from my body,
which is so strangely upright
and lumbering?

My young are crowded
around the table,
looking at me,
needing so much.
I am tied to them,
caught in this world
by invisible snares,
of love, responsibility,
duty and protection,
so why
do I  long to flee
into the deep dark 
wild and western
never to be 

At Toads, for Fireblossom Friday, Shay invites us to write as if we are an animal trapped inside a human body. Since my lifetime has been all about responsibility and putting others' needs before my own, I definitely relate at times to Mother Wolf, just wanting to lope wild and free through places with No People :) Check out the other way-cool shares over at Toads. They are amazing. Great challenge, Shay.


  1. Even Mother Wolf, whose life has been so much about raising and care-taking, wants complete freedom sometimes and to live her life TOTALLY her way while she still can!

  2. Love the switch in "feeling herself" of the wolf in the waking and then the standing stanzas. And then there they sit like a nest of young birds, not even practicing hunting.

  3. I love your close...the hunger for freedom. Beautiful subject and poem, Sherry!

  4. You definitely touch some deep chords with this one, Sherry,


  5. I can identify..there were times when my girls were growing up I longed to run wild and free.

  6. Wonderfully put, Sherry. I am sure you had mornings like this, and we know your connection with your wonderful wolf dog has meant so much in your life. There must certainly have been mornings when you wanted to go with Pup into the wilderness and never come back.
    More power to you that you didn't go, but stayed back to feed your young.

  7. This does not surprise me at all, Sherry, that you chose this voice. I can just see you and Pup running wild.


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