Sunday, April 1, 2012

She Offers Her Life Like a Flower

At Real Toads this weekend, Laura Hedgfield of Shine the Divine: Creativity IS a Spiritual Practiceis featured. Laura is a talented photographer and writer whom I have been following for some time. I was first attracted by her spiritual perspective, and then by her story. Laura lives with Multiple Sclerosis, but she truly rises above it,  inspiring us all with her spirit of gratitude and the way she shines her light.

Her photo above, used with permission, made me think instantly of her life, that she offers up daily for our encouragement and inspiration.

She offers her life
like a blossom,
that we may be
by her
lifted up
by her vision
and inspired
by the illumination
of her spirit.

Shine on, Laura, and thank you for your incredible spirit! You humble me daily with your surrender to What Is and your ability to see a Much Bigger Picture from the window of your room.


  1. This is a moving tribute to a very special person.

  2. I agree; her spirit is inspiring.


  3. Laura is indeed an inspiration. A lovely poem Sherry.

  4. Beautifully expressed, Sherry!

  5. I can't think of more appropriate words for Laura.

  6. This is a beautiful tribute, Sherry. I'm sure she'll feel blessed by your words.

  7. Wow this is so wonderful.
    A beautiful tribute to a kindhearted soul
    I love it

  8. Sherry, this is such an honestly beautiful tribute. So blessed by you!

  9. I agree Sherry--Laura is an inspiration, of the quiet and real kind, that doesn't need to shout from the rooftops. I never visit her blog without feeling gratitude. You've written a lovely poem for her.

  10. Sherry the simplicity of this speaks so well to the spirit. A lovely piece.

  11. This is so bright with hope and inspiration...I needed it today!

  12. oh sweet Sherry, you have brought me to tears...thank you for this poem, for your kindness, for being a friend across the miles.

    May you discover small blessings each and every day, opening your heart and hand to receive them with the grace and gratitude you express so beautifully here in your writings.


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