Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's Still a Beautiful World

Well, kids, it is a bit of a melancholy day here on Plested Road. This morning, looking back at those vital, busy, happy years of raising kids...........missing having little kids around to gift with Easter goodies........this afternoon, my sister and I went to Stamp Falls with the dogs. It was Pup's and my favorite spot to go together, when we got to missing the wilderness too much.

Today is gray and overcast, like so many days of this unending winter/early spring. We had four dogs with us, but I missed my boy. It just isn't the same without him.

Ms. Jasmine was ecstatic. She so loves her walkies. And I so need to make the effort to get us out to the trails, for her sake and for mine. But it is very hard to walk them, without Pup. It was always Pup and me, on those trails, and his absence is profound, wherever I go without him.

Hard to get bad little Blakey to stay still long enough to take a photo.......and the minute treats were proferred as an incentive, we had four dogs milling like cattle and I had to give up:)

But Lukey, Jasmine's brother, cooperated. He is the best-natured dog on the planet, a Buddha-dog, sweet as a big soft old teddy bear. Lukey has hip dysplacia and was bothered greatly with it on this walk, poor boy. I so worry about him. I remember having to curtail Pup's walks when he was in such pain, those last two years. Much as he wanted to go, he suffered too much for days afterward. I got a bit melancholy with it all, missing young kids, missing Pup, seeing Lukey faltering.

But I have to remind myself to LOOK at what I am SEEING, not focus on what is missing. Even with everything that is going on everywhere, it is still a beautiful world, and there are still wonderful people living on it. 

I am watching a documentary called Precious Life, about doctors in an Israeli hospital, fighting to save the life of a Palestinian baby, and that reminds me of what the real challenge is on this planet: to focus on those acts of compassion and humanity, and not just the horror of all that is happening here. For truly, no matter what is going on or how bad it seems, people are basically good and it is still a beautiful world.



  1. Yes it is Sherry, it is a beautiful world.

  2. Happy Easter, Sherry. I,too, found it to be a mixed bag of emotions.

  3. Happy Easter my friend. I truly loved the doggie photos ... others were lovely, but I fancied the dogs. It was nice to be greeted by ours this evening.

  4. Beautiful scenery, beautiful dogs. Don't let sadness of what no longer is get in the way of enjoying what is today. Life is here, now, and tomorrow.

  5. It is still a beautiful world and you're one of the wonderful people living in it. :)

    Beautiful country.

  6. Pup was walking there with you. Your thoughts of him is him snortin and smiling with tongue out saying 'mama, I'm here with you'.

    I can relate to you with this type of loss and the uncomparable spirit of our partners unconditional love.

    Moments of life can be good if one stops and reaches out to hold its hand.

    Thanks for sharing, Sherry

  7. I agree, Pup was there with you. You took him with you and, you will always take him with you. He is a part of you.
    Yes, it's still a beautiful world because sex and bad news sell, but, there is far more good about this planet than we know.
    Lovely, yes, go for so many more walks Sherry, you need to get back to finding YOU again.

  8. It's 'incomparable' not uncomparable. Sorry, but the 'i' is next to the 'u' and needing to lose weight, not necessarily just in the fingers :-{

    Hope I haven't lost too much respect from all the spell checkers

  9. It surely is a beautiful world, Sherry, made all the more so by your presence.

  10. Awesome pictures -- such a great place to walk and have quiet time. Such nice dogs you have too. Thanks for sharing them. I like what you say at the end there, people are basically good, basically all they want is to be happy.

  11. It is a beautiful world...sometimes we have to adjust our view, but it is so true! Thanks Sherry!
    I love all the photos of your furry family! Pup is always with you~


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