Friday, April 20, 2012

Buen Camino!

[The Camino de Santiago, from google]

The Way winds through rolling hills
 of brown and green,
vast wheat-colored prairies,
small villages where weary travelers
can find rest.
The stone bridge arches 
across the river,
and my feet know where
they want me to go.

We are making pilgrimage here,
for our differing reasons.
Some walk here in faith,
some come to believe again.
Some come for miracles.
For others, the Way is the miracle.

No one leaves
this path

At night, the tired dusty faces glow 
around the table,
as pilgrims gather in fellowship.
Gypsy shadows flicker
in the firelight.
Music and voices are loud
after the muttered prayers,
the silent walking, 
of the trail.

At dawn, after too little sleep,
the church bells ring,
and the faithful set out 
once more.

"Where the path of the wind 
crosses that of the stars*"
is carved in stone 
along the trail.

No one walks the Camino by accident.
No soul encountered on the path
is random.

Stones are tossed, with prayers,
at the feet of the sainted.
Stone steeples,
temples of tears,
arise through the 
afternoon's shimmering.

Somewhere along the hot and dusty miles
the heart heals over its broken spot.
The mind comes to love
its life once more.
The soul rests 
more peacefully
within, and the
pilgrim's footsteps
slowly turn towards

Mary's Mixed Bag over at Real Toads, suggested we go to the movies for our inspiration today. As it happens, this afternoon I watched Martin Sheen and his son, Emilio Estevez, in The Way, the story of a father completing the pilgrimage his son began, after the son's death on the trail. I would have so loved to make this pilgrimage during my lifetime. What I love about movies is, I can make whatever trip I want, have whatever experience, in comfort, on my couch! (The link to The Way features a short trailer of the movie.) I can now tick the Camino off, on my Bucket List!!!!

* This quote  is carved on a stone tablet along the trail.


  1. This is beautiful, Sherry. I love it.
    I hope I'm up to writing something soon. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying your poems very much.

  2. Love this:
    "Somewhere along the hot and dusty miles
    the heart heals over its broken spot.
    The mind comes to love
    its life once more."

    Touching, beautiful piece.

  3. Beautiful poem for a beautiful film. We have some friends who have done half the pilgrimage. Lovely.

  4. This sounds like a beautiful walk, Sherry, and a cool film. I love the lines on the tablet 'Where the path of the wind crosses that of the stars.' That's where we find poetry, yes?

  5. "No soul encountered on the path is random." I sincerely believe that. I think I would like this movie. And yes, at the end of any journey is......home. Lovely thoughts here.

  6. After reading your words, so much emotion and insight, I can't wait to see this movie! I love so many lines, but this one was so beautiful
    "where the path of the wind crosses that of the stars" how moving this journey must be~! Wonderful! I wish I could watch it now :D

  7. the Way is the miracle.

    No one leaves
    this path

    I love this and the rest, Sherry, this is really expressed wonderfully!

  8. You captured the movie and the Way beautifully Sherry.

    As I was reading the poem I was thinking, 'this sounds exactly like the movie "The Way"' and I was going to send you the link for the movie but there you had it! So again, good job on capturing the Way of St James.

    Along the Way there is a route to the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana near Potes Cantabria, a little over an hour from here, where the monastery venerates the largest piece of the Lignum Crucis.

    Here's the wiki link if you'd like to learn of it.

  9. As I read your piece, I did not have the sense that it belonged specifically to a movie - it seems part of life's great journey, and I call it a very successful movie if it had that effect on your consciousness.

  10. Sherry,

    I just watched this movie but only weeks ago and I loved it!! I also love the way your spirit saw this and you wrote a lovely composition of this Way. I am happy you reminded me of this journey of faith as I have considered making the same pilgrimage . Thank you for a wonderful read.

  11. I echo what Kerry O' says. This movie accomplished its narrative impression upon you. But also, this journey did provide me with the sense that it was about the path my mother took when she brought us up from Mexico. She did it alone.

    Thanks Sherry for this nostalgic moment.

  12. Your poem is lovely, and truthful - no one remains unchanged on this path (of life).

    I'll have to watch that movie now. Thanks Sherry.

  13. i saw that movie in january, and it was rather inspiring. i friend of mine who lives in ireland walked half of it until shin splits forced him to stop. but he plans to finish. yes, this walk really does ring true in its power as a pilgrimage. no one walks by accident, si. someday...

  14. I haven't seen the movie Sherry but your words are lovely to read...I think journeys to nature changes us...we are never the same at the start of our journey ~

  15. Your words are so beautiful...I have a young friend who did the Camino walk and completed it. He is a ballet dancer and he speaks of the change the walk made in his life.

  16. The soul always knows where it needs to be, doesn't it?
    Beautifully written Sherry, it is so evident that the movie resonated with you.

  17. I'd never heard of this movie, but it sounds lovely. Your poem stands on its own just beautifully.

  18. We all walk the path, sometimes it is a path without a name, but it is always the same..."the heart heals over its broken spot. The mind comes to love its life once more. The soul rests more peacefully withint, and the pilgrim's footsteps slowly turn towards Home." Oh so well written, nothing to add and nothing to take away! Just the best!

  19. Came back to let you know that to my surprise, I had the movie at home. I watched it yesterday. Made me want to take that pilgrimage, it was such a beautiful path.

  20. Wow! I am stunned and reverenced by your poem. I am so glad I am privileged to be here reading it. I want to see the movie but I feel like I have walked this trail with you. Just love it! Thank you.


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