Friday, April 6, 2012

A Rubaiyat of the Wild

At dVerse, the talented Semaphore has set poets a challenge to write a Rubaiyat quatrain series, a set of four line quatrains with rhyme scheme AABA. Robert Frost altered his Rubaiyat, Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening, with the last quatrain having an AAAA rhyme scheme. I thought I might try it.

I long have wandered by the river wild,
for I have loved it since I was a child.
Always its song has called, entreating me,
always the forest  beckoned and  beguiled.

It called me from the forest path I took,
and drew me forth along the ravening brook.
The dancing ripples lulled me with their babble,
and happily the township I forsook.

My heart lives best along the forest floor,
within the sound of water. In its roar
my heart comes more alive than ever before
and I will leave it never, nevermore.

Now I will always nature's lover be
drawn to where she is most wild and free.
May my eyes always her tender beauty see.
May she always be waiting there for me.

Hmmmmm.......not great, but an attempt, at least.


  1. I thought this prompt extremely difficult, but you've made it look the perfect form.

  2. Its lovely...but I see you didn't linked it over at D'verse. Your message of being the nature's lover and waiting for me, beats in my head.

    Happy day to you ~

  3. Beautiful, Sherry. I am glad to see you challenging yourself to try different forms. This poem needs NO apology!

  4. Now, granted, I have only read you for what, maybe a year or less. i think that this is spectacular ... one of th best that gyou have written. I mean that.

  5. i think it's great. it has a tremendously wild and soulful spirit.

  6. Sherry, this is mar-VEL-ous, truly. (That's how my uncle used to say it!) The progress from appreciating to really loving the wild, to moving away from the city because your heart tells you to, to actually becoming nature's lover. Exquisite. Publishable, truly. Love, Amy

  7. Good job. Accomplishing rhyme but maintaining the integrity of your story is hard. And you did it.


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