Friday, April 27, 2012


It's Fireblossom Friday at Real Toad's, and Shay has challenged us to write a poem inspired by the Art Nouveau of Alphonse Mucha. Well, all righty then. Let's see what happens. Do click over to The Garden and see what the other toads have written - there are some great reads in there, as always. 

"Mr. Tambourine Man,
play that song" for her,
with her clear hopeful gaze,
and her pretty curls,
and her dreams of Tomorrow,
all shining.

Please don't tell her
how those dreams 
will warp and burn,
when the sharp-toothed wolves
begin to circle.
Leave before they
start biting chunks
out of her trusting heart.

Let her have this moment
when she believes
that the pain of today
will be magically lifted
when someone, somewhere,
finally loves her. 

Don't stick around
to watch the hope dim,
replaced by sorrow
in her eyes,
or to watch her
slowly stack the fortress
around her heart,
and lift the drawbridge.

Slip away, early on,
while the music
is still all about


  1. Bob Dylan sang it best ... pairing the artist with the composer/singer was brilliant!!

    'In the jingle-jangle morning I'll come following you'

  2. This is very sad - the young should never know that life may deal them a bum hand. Let them sing, and grow until that time comes. If they are lucky, it never will.

  3. Awww.... I hope she finds someone to love and not leave her.
    Lovely interpretation Sherry.

  4. yes, let's let her hope. sealing ourselves in the tower is not uncommon. there's truth here. we must pass through darkness, yes. and let's hope hope returns. that happens too.

  5. How bittersweet that the one who has so much heart must lose so much in order to keep it. But doesn't hope spring eternal? Maybe the Tambourine Man will find a song for every season. - Brendan

  6. Ah, we never know what anyone's future will bring. There are those who find love and live it forever, and hope sometimes IS fulfilled.

  7. Love the pretty curls; hate the warp and burn. But there's no way around the circling of the wolves.

  8. How sad. You have written of youth's heartbreak so poignantly.

  9. Excellent. Especially love:
    "Leave before they
    start biting chunks
    out of her trusting heart."

  10. One of your best ever, Sherry, or at least I think it is, and so I am really flattered that you linked it for my challenge. Thanks, dearie.

  11. I really like what you did with this, Sherry!

  12. As I suspect you already know, this played right to my heart. Sadly, the tambourine man didn't play long enough. so good, Sherry.

    I came to the garden to play this time. Who could resist Mucha?

  13. The prayer is that the tambourine man will come back. Until then life must go on for many broken hearts. This - the way you do it, Sherry - is really good!

  14. Too many young people have no hope, so we shouldn't want to take it away from those who have it.
    Beautifully done, my friend.

  15. A lovely take on the prompt. Sherry, I think your writing just gets better and better. :)

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  17. (Sorry, accidentally repeated myself.)

  18. Oh, this just sings a melodic bitter sweet song! Beautiful write, Sherry!

  19. "Slip away, early on,
    while the music
    is still all about

    its all about the music of the moment, thats how we survive it all... one song at a time. enjoyed reading this, very well done.


  20. This is really nice Sherry. I love how you develop it and end with the idea of hope in this moment for her. What a perfect response to that prompt.

  21. Oh Sherry, this is so heartbreaking. The loss of hope is always so sad and the sense of inevitability is even more so. This is one of your best I think.

  22. You bring this young woman to life and give us a brief look into what just a short time in her life might look like. Nicely written.

  23. the inevitability of her heartbreak and loss of all hope is just too much to bear!

    a beautiful write, Sherry!


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