Thursday, April 5, 2012



Come with me.
We're lifting up
and drifting high
across the wild savanna,
so vast, dusty and dry.

The sun is
about to rise.
Dawn is peeling back
the darkness that conceals,
and all of
the earth's splendor is
Watch the changing color 
of the skies
as we're drifting
across the Serengeti
with wonder
in our eyes.

The animals are stirring
down below.
Lions lie upon the ridge
in the early morning glow.
Giraffes look up
in sweet  confusion.
What did morning bring?
an animal 
so fat and round,
and flying

Look, there's the sun
peeping over the rim
of the world:
the dawn
a pristine canvas
a Master Artist
has unfurled.

Earth has never been
more beautiful.
Experience the bliss.
We will not be 
the same beings
when we land,
as we were before
we saw it                 
 just like this.

The Thursday Think Tank prompt at Poets United today, imagined by Ella of Ella's Edge, is escape. I have a dear friend who once sailed in a hot air balloon across the Serengeti. I cant think of a better escape than that!


  1. During my Santa Fe week I saw lots of hot air balloons. They drift regularly near my home here in Tucson as well. What a wondrous way to spend a couple of hours.

  2. This is something which should be on everyone's bucket list. You brought the scene to life most beautifully.

  3. Magical and so dream like~
    I loved how you woven it like a fine painting...what an beautiful escape~!

  4. Wonderful escape Sherry. I doubt if you would ever be the same either. It's seeing God's handiwork, (in part) untouched by man's hand. Lovely

  5. I once floated over the Australian outback in a balloon. Thanks for prompting such vivid memories with your words.

  6. Sherry! We may be neighbours. I love the header photo.

    Thanks for visiting the Occupy Blogosphere! I really hope you will feel free to join in. You simply write something on your blog and link it in my comment section.

    Any of your readers are likewise invited of course...we're building a grand circle, Sherry.

    I am so sorry you had to lose your sweet friend. Fourteen years of unconditional love!

  7. Beautiful! - made me think "escape into freedom"...

  8. Sherry, you write as if you have been there. What a gift you have.

  9. Lovely write Sherry. I wish I can ride the hot air balloon and see the wonderful creation below and beyond the sky ~

  10. The brilliance is in the last stanza.
    A thunder-flash of a finish!

  11. I like the phrase 'Dawn is peeling back....' Your experience has been mine in imagination when I've seen videos of this experience. Not good enough.

  12. Oh my god! What breathtaking imagery have you constructed of the Serengeti park! It's good to visit your blog after such a long time.

  13. truly loved the "sweet confusion"

  14. escape into the beauty of the word and you will never be the same. you are a master artist yourself.

  15. I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. Your poem captured the magic so well!


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