Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Gray

I am identifying here with the slug, as that is the pace my body would like to be moving at today. Lowering gray January skies, rain that has the river lipping the top of its banks,  and I'd love to curl up like a winter bear and snooze the day away.

However, I have a job to do today, so off I go. Those turtles will just have to keep out of my way :)

Have a good one, kids. See you later. When I get home I'll come see what you have been up to.


  1. Hope it was a good day for you Sherry :)

  2. Well, you made me tired just thinking of you, so I had a nap (after a long day of nearly pointless shopping).

  3. This is filled with such sweetness and love for all. I just love it ... and I hope that your day was a good day. ;)

  4. Hope all went well, Sherry, as you went about your day.


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