Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clayoquot Writers Group

 Christine Lowther, noted Vancouver Island poet

If we cant get to Tofino,
we'll bring Tofino to us.

And that's what happened last night, when the Clayoquot Writers group (of whom I was a founding member in the early 90's) arrived in Port to do a reading and some way cool performance poetry . The venue was great, an old converted  church called Char's Landing. It had a nice coffeehouse feeling to it, and the locals turned out in goodly numbers, which was quite wonderful.

My friend Chris and I were in that writers group together when I lived in Tofino, and her first published book of poems, New Power, was the writing she was working on the first winter of the group. I have so admired her talent through the years, and  her perseverance in doing the work it takes to get widely published.

I have fond memories of our fantastic group back then, writing among the most amazing, dynamic and talented women. The group has changed membership over the years, and is still full of very talented and well-published writers. Last night's performance was highly enjoyable.  I was asked to read, and offered my Traveler Holds the Moon, which was well received. 

It was nice to see Tofino friends, writer friends from our local college and members of a local writers group I belonged to before it disbanded, all in attendance. I am such a hermit, my appearance was like I was back from the dead. It was fun. I think I'll go once a month to their open mic from now on.

Chris and I came back here and, as anticipated,  there was cackling! Jasmine was so happy to see her. Chris was Pup's favorite person after me. She shared so many of our wild gamboles along the beach, and he was always so excited to see her. This was her first visit without him here.

Chris has several books out now, some anthologies and three books of published poetry. Her work can be seen at The Natures of Christine Lowther

I wrote an article some time ago about Chris and her amazing life on a floathouse in Clayoquot Sound, which can be read here: 


  1. Glad you all had what sounds like a fabulous evening. It's always so good to hear others read their words aloud using the accent on words exactly as they are meant to be read and not our own interpretation of how we think they should be said.
    So pleased it was a great evening for YOU Sherry :)

  2. Just what you needed, refreshment for your soul and spirit.
    I'm so very glad, Sherry.

  3. i cannot even believe you have not told me before now that you have a friend with a book of poems inspired by the Harry Potter books!!! WHAT! hah! i can't wait to read. sounds like a great night and a wonderful group of friends and writers.

  4. Truly, Sherry, I hope last night was an inspiration to YOU and that it gets YOU back into performance poetry. I enjoyed reading about your friends (and especially Chris) so much. I wish you had shared a picture of YOU.


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