Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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The prompt at Real Toads today is to write a futuristic poem. The style and a few of the poems of Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet were given as an example. I also looked up the explanation on Wikipedia, but am really none the wiser as to what is wanted. Will give it a shot anyway. 

What will tomorrow
make of the monks, burning?
Flames rise, monks stay motionless,
awaiting immolation.
They do not scream.

A nun, watching, moans,
"My Tibet, my Tibet."
The charred remains
are given to the vultures
for a sky burial.

The Dalai Lama weeps.
He can find no words
where there is
only heartbreak.

Will the occupiers ever 
Tibetan people
only want
to live, unoppressed,
in peace
in their own country? 


  1. sigh. this prompt has brought up some difficult topics.
    i like your question at the end, Sherry. will they ever understand that? seems unlikely.

  2. Sad and terrible things go on so often, and are so hard to stop when you would think any sensible person could see the answer--yet instead we get everything else but a solution.

  3. How profoundly you stated the dark truth of Tibet.

  4. This IS dark ... and heavy, but very well-written. I love this part:

    "The charred remains
    are given to the vultures
    for a sky burial"


  5. You are a true speaker of humanity and fighter for those in need Sherry....thank you for sharing this.

  6. You are such a caring person, Sherry. It is obvious again in this poem.

  7. Hard to believe, when we're all supposedly so enlightened, that there are still occupiers anywhere. Tibet isn't the only place.
    You're so right, Sherry. Why can't people live without oppression, in peace in their own country? Why does "man's inhumanity to man" still continue, when we all know better?

  8. You are a thoughtful and extraordinary poet.

  9. This would be vivid commentary in any style or form.

  10. Is it so difficult to understand? The same that all people want.

  11. Tell them, the Occupiers, Koko, tell them...tell them that Tibet is no chaff and that even if they winnow it as much as they want they don't have the monopoly of the wind!!

  12. Such a horrible situation.

    may it come to an end someday

  13. So sad. Your words are touching and true. I didn't see the prompt, but I think you did a great job of expressing a concern of the present and future.

  14. "They do not scream"... that phrase just stays with me.. It is so powerful here.


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