Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two to Tanaga?

Real Toads is once again issuing a challenge, any challenge seeming difficult to me these days.
A tanaga adheres to a strict format, asks an emotionally charged question in four short lines of seven syllables. Yeah, like that's going to happen, hee hee. Here's my try:

Again, a form that intimidates.
How to fulfil all that-it-takes?
I need help. I am going to find a
scribe. It takes two to tanaga.


  1. I'm not sure if my other comment made it through, but I really enjoyed this!

  2. Oh that is SO funny! It took me two read-throughs.

  3. Truly, don't be intimidated.

    And....if you are, don't admit it. LOL.

  4. A very witty response to the prompt - your tanaga contains a very valid question.

  5. Clever and captured it!
    Well Done Sherry~
    You are a rig ;D

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