Monday, January 2, 2012

Morning Song

[This image is actually for Lancome perfume,
from But it works here]

She walks on the wings
of daybreak,
cloak trailing.
Mist is rising over the meadow
and the trees are emerging
from their blanket of darkness.

Small early birds
are hopping and cheeping
at the feeder.
The old brown mare
whuffs a greeting
over the rail fence,
as the last star
of the morning
slowly disappears,
and the snippet of moon
silently tiptoes away.

Where will today's path lead her?
One by one,
the days are moving on,
heading into a future
which is hidden from view.

One long last look back,
before turning her face
to the morrow,
already on its way,
as this dear old earth
turns and turns,
and turns again.


  1. Yes, the days do roll on, can't stop time. Walking on wings of daybreak definitely is the way to go forward. Nice work here, Sherry.

  2. Beautiful, Sherry.
    I love the first two lines:
    "She walks on the wings
    of daybreak,"
    Just lovely, and the rest of it isn't exactly chopped liver, either.
    Perfect for the first Monday of the year.

  3. That first stanza reeled me in...breath-taking....the rest flowed from there in an achingly beautiful...sigh for that relentless and perpetual turning of the wheel of Time.

  4. This is lovely, Sherry. It paints such a vivd picture of nature's morning and speaks so clearly of time's passing.

  5. Throughout much of your writing exudes a steadiness something needed by so many, something you give to your readers. What a wonderful gift.

  6. A beautiful poem...she walks on the wings of daybreak...we never know what a day will break, but we pick up our feet and walk through it..

  7. I like the ongoing feel of "turns and turns and turns again" - a lovely, hope-filled poem Sherry

  8. nice one - early morning mystical poem.

  9. So beautiful.
    I hope you took your walk by now Sherry. :)

  10. You're right, the photo does work, although knowing it's for perfume somehow weakens its effect for me! Lovely poem for the morning.


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