Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wild Woman Flies Her Freak Flag

There goes Wild Woman,
head way back, 
just grinning at the sky,
sploshing through the ice and slush
as if it were July.
Her boots expose her knobby knees;
she'd better look around.
While she is talking to the trees,
she just might fall right down.

She says good morning to the crows
who are making such a din.
She's all adrift in wonder
at this miracle we're in.
The beauty of this planet
and the gift of one more day
fills her heart with feelings
that are much too big to say.

She's looking at a world
that's just as pretty as you please.
There goes Wild Woman grinning,
freak flag waving in the breeze.


  1. And the wild woman of the South is star-jumping and waving back.

    Such a love for the natural world is a gift! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I LOVE being a freak because... it makes me UNIQUE ;)
    Lovely to meet another fellow freak.

  3. Fabulous, sounds just like me!

  4. Yes. Long may the proud flag fly!

  5. This is lovely, Sherry. Bright, funny and optimistic. :-)

  6. You go, Girl. Fly that flag with pride.

    Love the tone in this. It sounds like you are feeling good.

  7. This made me smile and want to join you! I see the beauty in nature, like you~ Keep flying that flag ;D

  8. Yes, we are lucky, if only for a little while. The world is a beautiful place.

  9. And amazingly enough, sometimes Wild Woman gets lost for a while, but usually finds her way back. Thanks for stopping by,



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