Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eye of God

[This NASA photo of the so-named Eye of God,
is of the Helix Nebula, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope]

I remember years ago watching a documentary with a friend of mine that looked from a fixed point on earth, traveling outward in increasing increments. We went from the fixed point on the ground farther and farther into space.

Then we returned to the fixed point and traveled inward, again exponentially, to the very nucleus of a cell.

It is all pretty freaking amazing, when one considers the intricacy of the smallest cell, in its little orbit, to the interconnectedness of the many systems, designs and life forms on the planet, linked to the spaciousness of the million galaxies above. Each small part contributing to the whole. And the whole a mesmerizing wonder.


Big old orb up there
filled with a zillion stars
and shiny with stardust,
keep a benign eye
on us down here.

Beam that benevolent
celestial eye
all across this planet.
Sprinkle kindness
and stardust
everywhere you look.

When we gaze up at you,
may we each
become a Rumi,
filled with ecstasy and wonder,
so when you next look down
you'll see us all
like mad fools,
and wildly dancing.


  1. Love your poem, Sherry! I came across your blog today, and look forward to returning often to explore it further.

    I'm dropping by also to let you know that I have presented you with the 7x7 Link award for your blog - please visit my blog for more details.

    Congratulations; I hope you enjoy your award! ~ Julie :)

  2. Beautiful Sherry. All of life is amazing when we think about it. Lovely prose.

  3. Cold-hearted orb that rules the night...

    Oh wait, that's been done. Sorry!


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