Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Imperfect Offering

[image from google]

Light the incense.
As the vapors rise,
may they carry all our prayers.
Let the hundred candles shine,
illuminating and banishing
the night,
in this early morning light.
Scatter the petals of aging blooms,
making a carpet on which to kneel.
When you are ready,
sound the bell
one solitary ring,
as the choir sings,
and our chants begin,
may the All That Is
accept our most
imperfect offering.


  1. Sherry, this was humble and majestic at once. Very sincere, spiritual poem, uplifting as we begin the new year. I LOVED THIS. Love, Amy

  2. This is lovely in both language and sentiment.

  3. Love the tranquil sound of the "solitary ring." This poem transported me to a peaceful place.

  4. yes this is so peaceful and calm. Thank you for penning this. I am transported to a different world as I read through.

  5. A beautiful beginning for the year.

  6. There is nothing imperfect about an offering. It's beautiful.

  7. A lovely piece. It is like an early morning prayer... :)


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