Thursday, January 26, 2012

Traveling Through Beautiful

Middle of the Rocky Mountains
photo by Jon Merk

Poets United's Thursday Think Tank prompt is The Road. If you go to their link, you will find some amazing responses to it. 

the road
goes up and down,
along some winding trails.
But there's one thing 
that amazes me,
one thing that
never fails.

One step begins our journey,
a thousand miles
will take us home,
but we're traveling
through Beautiful
we roam.


  1. I agree - that first step is the most important, difficult and amazing.

  2. Sherry, I read and responded to your email before I "journeyed" here to read your poem. Very eerie, very comforting, very much what keeps me, "roaming."

  3. So much beauty along our journey! Every step, when we take time to appreciate the view.

  4. Yes, the joy is in the beautiful this Sherry! :-)

  5. You always write "beautiful."

  6. It's all about perspective, so keep looking to the horizon, great write.

  7. 'We're travelling through Beautiful everywhere we roam'. We may not always be on the right path but each path has its own beauty. What a positive idea!

  8. I love the imagery of travelling through Beautiful. Even the Road Less Travelled by Frost is beautiful!!


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