Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finding the Shine

When sorrow comes,
the wise woman said,
let go of the pain,
let go of the guilt,
know that you did
all that you could,
that all is
as it should be,
because it cant be
and then the pain
in your heart
will be replaced by
"a light shining with love."

I am holding my heart
in gentle hands,
trying to rub off
the raw places,
polishing that
shine into
the domicile where you live.
I will carry it
to the river
where we
always walked
I will weep along
the path strewn 
with autumn leaves,
this first autumn
without you
by my side.

I will ask
the golden sun
to teach me
how to find
that shine.


  1. Thoughts are with you in your sadness, Sherry. You seem to be missing Pup still so much. Leaving one behind that you love so much is so very hard.

  2. Sorrow and grieving take on their own life sometimes. I am sorry you are so sad, Sherry; and I understand it, too. Blessings, poet-friend.

  3. You are a wise woman Sherry, it does take time, it's own time, and it is hard, and it is painful, you will be tired... but it is the process for letting go of one you loved so. The only way to get through, is to go through. I think you will come to new understandings and you will be a deeper woman. There is no way to have enough, we are like that, so it is to realize we are blessed with what we have... there is an old song, that said "if you are not with the one you love, love the one you are with."

  4. I almost lost my other "temple dog" this summer. She was in a very negligent kennel while I was travelling, and got really ill.

    Gotta love a good dog.

  5. You are grieving your loss, and as with any loss, the only thing that sometimes helps us is time. Time brings distance from the pain and ever present ache. Just know that Pup is still with you. You may not be able to see him in front of you but, he is there where he's always been, with you.
    Enjoy the peace of your walk and know that Pup walked with you.

  6. Hope you're ok there Sherry, just seeing that you had a 6.7 earthquake there but no-on is hurt.. wow! Let us know please...


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