Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Celebration of Ghouls

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[My son Siddhartha sent me an email yesterday that had me laughing out loud. He is so hilarious - at the same time what he says holds so much truth, I pay attention. Here are some quotes. (He told me I can blog it.)]

Hi Mom,

Thanks for calling! It's always great to talk to a human being!

I'm thinking about applying for a job at  a huge CD store on Robson Street. I'm pretty sure they'd love to hire me, even though I'm becoming quite eccentric. According to "Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior", which you gave me for my birthday (I love it!), Outrageousness is (I think they say) one of the disciplines! It sure is enjoyable, anyway!

Did I tell you about my trip to the PNE? It was mostly great, especially at first, and then later, after I got my 'Twilight Ride Pass'. But I had some difficult spiritual revelations, too. Have you ever really listened to a large crowd? They sound like a pack of beasts! (Jesus must be appalled!) Also, I saw a little girl waving her hand on the Carousel, and I realised that she was acting like I would like to - very vibrant! But then I realised that if I acted that way, I would get killed! t

Then I came to the conclusion that there's no way to get through this life without experiencing agony!  It plunged me into a nightmare!  It seemed like I was surrounded by a pack of celebrating ghouls!  I'm still recovering from that one! 

But one positive thing: I refrained from smoking for five or six hours (at the PNE)! It felt really good! I really hope to quit soon!

In fact, I've thrown away I think three full packs recently. That feels great too! It's also teaching me that buying cigarettes is a total waste of money. Dear Mother, let me never buy another pack! If I do, I'll throw it away, too! Good-bye, cigarettes!

I'm also having trouble with the hard-heartedness of the world lately.

Oh, listen to this quote. It's a Native North American Proverb:

'Of all the trails that there are in this life,
There is only one that is worthwhile-
It is the trail of a true human being.'

Isn't that beautiful?  Did you know that the movie, 'Dances with Wolves' is based on a novel of the same name? I started to read it a long time ago, but I got scared by the description of the white men and sent it back to the library! I'll have to get it again! It must be wonderful!

You know, as I force myself to become more mindful of smoking, it is really starting to bother me. Before I threw away that first pack, I got really upset. But then, after I threw it away, I felt great. It's just that after you go a while without smoking, you run into a somewhat difficult situation. I don't think I get cravings, but a certain difficulty does arise. I think if I can get past that, I may be home free! My soul feels so clean after I quit! In fact, I'm going to have one more now, then throw the rest in the trash!

Wish me good fortune, Sweetie!

Siddhartha Marr.
PS- Why don't you call me 'Siddhartha' from now on? I love you!

[See kids? Isn't he the most hilarious, lovable creature ever?  I am so lucky to be his mom!]


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