Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear World

[image from istockphoto on Google]

[The prompt at Real Toads is to write an epistle style letter or missive to the world.]

Dear World,
did you know that
depression can be cured
by going on a road trip to Nanaimo,
eating Vietnamese food,
and, after, buying a $5.99 Vietnamese coffee maker,
so I wont have to wait a whole year for another cup?

Did you know that the happiness this event produced
had the salesclerk laughing,
that, just as the purchasing made my day,
my joy made the clerk's day too,

Did you know that
a new rice bowl
made me as happy
as a chinchilla fur coat
used to make movie stars,
and more cheaply?
(and with no suffering to animals?)

Did you know that
happiness is always
only an arm-length away,
as close by as a favorite cosy sweater,
a cup of tea,
a rock on the porch swing,
a visit with a big old slobbery dog,
or a laughing-eyed baby?

Did you know that
this afternoon, in the mall,
I watched a princess pass by?
She was in her stroller,
and giving the Princess wave,
arm/hand, arm/hand, as perfectly
as any princess ever did,
with a pleased knowledge in her eyes
that she was a true princess,
and beautiful,
and deserved to be adored,
and that that made me idiotically happy
and hopeful for the whole world?

Dear World,
did you know that,
after an afternoon away,
there is no better happiness
than Coming Home?

Dear World,
please open your eyes.
Happiness is all around,
all around.
Scoop it up, big heaping armfuls of it,
and scurry home with it clutched
to your chest.

A giant dose of
exponential happiness
is only one cup of coffee


  1. i do so wish that we could sit down over a cup of tea ... really I do.

  2. Beautiful and so true!~ WE sometimes just have to shift our view and grasp a heaping hand or armful ;D xXx

  3. YES!! love this. all the pieces of it. joy is so simple.
    your pieces always seem to stem from a place of hope and gladness. that is a rare and beautiful gift.
    also - i now really want a vietnemese coffee maker!

  4. Beautiful. :-)

    I love it...and you!

  5. Thanks, kids. It was a good day - and now? I get to go to Faiza's and give her husband, Bill, who is dying, a lovely warm fleecy blanket that I bought him yesterday to keep him cosy and warm his final weeks. I am so excited!

  6. It is the little things, we need to be aware, hold them sacred in loving places, to be retrieved on cloudy days. Perfect! And since we are all dying, I hope you have a snugly blanket, too.

  7. What an invigorating message, Sherry.

  8. Happy and joyous... love the princess part.

  9. "depression can be cured
    by going on a road trip to Nanaimo"

    Well, of course, every British Columbian knows that, even one who is living in Alberta. It will just take me longer to get there.
    Your epistle poem is a beautiful message of happiness and joy, just as the Island is.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. This song, which seems to come from a lightness in your heart, lifts mine. Thank you, Sherry.

  11. To think: so many happy things we pass by every day.


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