Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teaching a Pig to Sing

Never try
to teach a pig
to sing.

It wastes your time,
and annoys
the pig.

-Robert Heinlein

Kids, I wanted to put something cheerful out there this morning. I am feeling under the weather, and am needing to lie down much of the time. I will still be online, as I cant not be; it's impossible to Totally Unplug. But I am way behind in both prompts and visiting, and will just participate as I am able, over the next few days till, hopefully, my Head rights itself and lets me sit up more of the time.

Nothing serious, likely a result of Overdoing, which I am so prone to. And a small injury which seems to have triggered a major landslide of symptoms :)

I hope to be back to normal by next week. We live, as I am so fond of saying, in hope!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Love the pig quote!

  2. Sherry, thinking of you. Don't worry about prompts or visiting. Just take care of YOU!

  3. I remember the pig quote from somewhere (although I had forgotten it until I read it here) and something tells me I know who said it, but I can't remember that, either. It's tickling the back of my mind, and part of me wants to say George Burns, while another part says Groucho Marx, and a third part says Orson Welles. heck with the pig, although the picture is very cute, and back to you. I'm SO sorry you feel like that, and I know exactly how you feel. I really do. I'm always having small injuries (very clumsy) that trigger symptoms. Somewhere, if he hasn't died, there's a doctor who said my job caused my symptoms in the first place, so I know about overdoing, too.
    Now, do as Mary says, and take care of yourself.
    Luv, K

  4. So, I looked it up, and all three parts of me were wrong at once. It was none of the above. It was Robert Heinlein. Whodathunkit? It still sounds more like George Burns.
    If you're reading this, you're probably not lying down, so I hope it means you feel well enough to be up.

  5. First, take care of you, the blogs will all be here when you're able to enjoy them properly.

  6. My friend ... "the wild never leaves us" ... but it does get tired. So hop upon that sweet little piggies' back, snooze while he flies around the universe! (((hugs))).

  7. Get some rest, Sherry. Take good care of yourSELF this time, as you so often do for others.

    And stay the frick away from mops!


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