Thursday, February 13, 2020

Wild Woman in Her Habitat

Menina and I on the Wild Pacific Trail 
in Ucluelet. My hand is in my pocket, so
Menina is fully attentive: "Treat!"

A close-up!

The Broken Group Islands,
beloved by kayakers

Mr Eagle has the best view

Sort of need to get UP there! LOL.

This one looks like it wants to start marching!

Our pal Menina has been moved to a home in Ucluelet, so her loving aunties drove there to take her for a ramble yesterday. The Wild Pacific Trail wanders past some wonderful old tree beauties. I am fascinated by the moss and ferns thriving on the trunks, and I love the view out over the Broken Group Islands.

We shall be making this trip regularly to see the girly, who seems to be doing well in her new home. As long as she still gets to see her aunties, she should be okay. Her new person says she played with the ball we gave her all afternoon after we left. She does love her orange chewy balls! And we love her!


  1. What absolutely stunning photos, Sherry. You are lucky to live close to such beauty. And wow it does not look like winter at all. Is that moss on the trees? What kind of trees are they. That is a beautiful photo of you with Menina. Why don’t yiu make a print of it and frame it? It really is SO yiu.

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely images!

  3. I absolutely love those tree. I would happily walk that trail.

  4. Yes, it is very mild here.......I get too hot in my winter jacket, time to switch to my spring jacket. I am sooooooo fortunate to live in this place! A feast for the eyes, every day. Even going in to the CoOp, my eyes are loving the hills that ring the harbour. I love their shape so much.


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