Sunday, February 2, 2020

Ghost Riders

At midnight, under  a full silver moon,
you can hear hoofbeats galloping
along the colonnade -
the wild ride of horses
who never arrive.

Their riders are now denizens
of the underworld,
seething with frustration,
brooding at how their lives were
so foolishly cut short
by a night of revelry,
that saw their wagon tipped
returning home
along that row of black poplars.

If you are faint of heart,
best not to venture
along that ghostly lane
when the moon is full.
Those who brave the dark
to hear the hoofbeats,
never do again.

Ha, in Kelowna, there is a long driveway off Guisachan Road lined with tall poplars, leading to  a small house. Near midnight, one night long ago, the daughter of the house heard hoofbeats galloping along the drive, but the expected horse and buggy did not arrive. The father and son, returning home after a night of drinking, had tipped their wagon and been killed. The local lore was if you went there at midnight of the full moon, you could hear the hoofbeats. Two local teens, when I lived there, decided this was hogwash, and parked there. Sure enough, they heard the hoofbeats and couldn't get out of there fast enough. They were so scared. I took poetic license with the closing, to make it even more ominous. Smiles.

for Kerry's Word List : colonnade, underworld, seethe, faint, brooding, foolish, silver


  1. What a cool story. You were so creative in weaving the words to make something 'Halloween worthy'.
    And I wonder what created the sound of hoof beats.

  2. They were apparently ghost hoofbeats, Myrna. Restless spirits who never made it home.

  3. I love ghost stories! "...the wild ride of horses/who never arrive.' Perfect opening.

  4. This is such an eerie storytelling. I love it! Your description is wonderful - I could see the scene unfolding in front of my eyes.


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