Friday, January 31, 2020

Wolf Sky

Under a wolf sky
the darkling forest breathes.
The shaman walks the medicine way,
leaving no footprints.
The nightbird shrieks
an eerie welcome;
 there be restless spirits here.

Beware cold, nipping fog fingers,
trying to steal some living warmth
for itself.

Hasten; our guide's cloak
is already swirling
with the swiftness
of his being gone.

55 for Joy at Verse Escape


  1. The shaman walks the medicine way,
    leaving no footprints.." So many magical things know this secret...I love this Sherry, and thanks so much for playing this week. Despite everything that weighs against it, I hope you have a kickass weekend in your beloved Tofino.

  2. Yes, this is magical, the mood in this

  3. This contains an omen I believe, whether good or bad depends upon the traveler.

  4. Leaving no footprints—-if only we would learn to follow the shaman in that regard.

  5. Truly the road less taken, and guideless. In some moments, the world seems to be alive and waiting, for good or ill.

  6. I wish I was there! What a magical image you conjure.

  7. I have ever been of the thought that anything that leaves no footprints is a shapeshifter. I'd like to have that ability!


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