Thursday, January 30, 2020


Wickaninnish Beach Sun Dog
(the driftwood looks like a wolf to me)

When sun dogs dance across the sky,
the sacred prophecy is at hand,
as the Children of the Rainbow
begin to walk across the land.

Hush, now, and listen;
the Grandmothers are speaking:

"Like a new-born, wobbly foal,
you're trying to find your skittery legs,
in a time of great change
as land and waters re-arrange.
You'll feel the wobble in the earth,
turmoil in the land and sea.
As our Mother Earth gives birth,
we'll learn a balanced way to be."

The people of the Rainbow
were born seeing with new eyes.
May those ready to awaken
hear our Mother's painful cries.

"Getting More must now give way
to sharing All with All.
We must return to the Old Ways,
let polluted systems fall.
There will be turmoil in the turning.
Trust those with kindness in their eyes.
They are cool water to ease the burning.
They are the Messengers, so wise."

Mother Earth, I feel you quickening
as the new world is a-borning,
like a shape-shifter, transforming,
response to evolution's dawning.
"In the time of whirling rainbows,
dance your prayers under the sky.
Hear the song of Brother Wolf,
fate of the wild world in his cry.

"Sing songs of love and peace.
Watch for a rainbow 'round the sun.
When sun dogs dance across the sky,
the Fifth World of Peace will have begun.

A'ho. Now we have spoken."

Thank you, Grandmothers,
for this hope and trust.
We will help the people change,
because change we must.
We will sing with the wolves
our song of tomorrow,
work to heal the planet's people
and the earth its sorrow.

*To the Navajo and the Hopi, the Prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow speaks of Ancestors who will return in white bodies, but who are Red on the inside. They will learn to walk the Earth Mother in balance again. The generation following the Flower Children are prophesied to be the ones who will see the dawning of the Fifth World of Peace.


  1. Sherry this is an amazing poem. I have seen a whirling rainbow around the sun. Now, I wonder if some Ancestors have returned. The star children also walk amongst us. They are busy trying to bring energies of peace into the world.

  2. I love so the wisdom and life-force here -- we so need unabashed affirmations of the "red within" seeking to flower.

  3. I used to sometimes call my first dog Sundance "Sun Dog". This made me smile and think of my very own Sun King.

  4. Ah, the beautiful Sundance! I love his name so much, and the story of how he found his way to you. Sigh.

  5. The Native Peoples have such a connection to a trove of knowledge we have lost or destroyed--not knowledge like that we accumulate as fact, but knowledge that is wisdom. A lovely, affirming read, Sherry.

  6. It does seem to be a time of prophecy and omen.. perhaps because the evidence of catastrophe is always near at hand.
    I hope the sun dogs bring change for the better.

  7. Wow! Have you found the right musician yet to sing your songs? This is wrapping around my heart, making me look for the color red within, and LO! if I listen to my bloo, I find it, relationship with all living things. I am listening, Sherry. Please keep speaking forever. "Like a new-born, wobbly foal,
    you're trying to find your skittery legs . . . "

  8. Such a prophecy is indeed very hopeful! It’s good to be reminded of it in these dark times. (And wonderful photo, too. The driftwood does indeed look like that, and the circle of the sun behind it is perfect for both the detail and Spirit of your message in the poem.)

  9. Now basking in the shiny words Sherry. "let polluted systems fall." This is my prayer day in and day out. Beautiful.


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