Sunday, September 15, 2019


When the angel of death
arrives at my bedside,
like the ferryman coming
around the bend of the river,
plying his oar with determination,
pulling alongside
and beckoning me in...

When I gaze at him,
my bed the shore,
wondering how to make
my earth-bound body
traverse the space between us
without falling...

I think I will trust that
the air will support me,
entering that bright darkness,
interested in discovering
what comes next.

Yes, I think I will trust.

My life has been a voyage
of wonder and amazement.
I have made this journey,
head tipped back,
and grinning at the sky.
Trees have danced for me,
dogs and babies smiled,
my heart brimming
with the dazzle
of this beautiful world,
who performed her best
sunrises and sunsets for me,
draping the mountains
with breathtaking mist,
always whispering
"watch this!" and then,
"watch this!"

I have long loved
the stories of people
who rose - and rise -
from their heartbreaking situations
with hearts like lions,
walking forth into Whatever Comes
with full hearts, with dignity,
with pride.
No surrender.

Yet when that dark angel
comes for me,
I think I will surrender.
I will ride that bed-boat
out into the cosmos,
transfixed by all the stars,
wrapped in clouds of transformation,
soaring through the heavens,
breath held in awe -
Beautiful Sky-World.

The river of
 amazement will carry me
as it carried me through this life,
to my next destination,
where I hope I will find loveliness
like that of this world,
where I will meet lost loved ones,
and furry tails will thump in welcome.

At the end, I will say that,
all of my life,
I have loved most this earth
and its beauty.
In trust, I will step into
the ferryman's boat,
ready to see what lies
on that farther shore.

from 2017..........well, I think I will trust. I may flail and moan! We'll see. I'll report back!

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  1. Sherry, this is indeed a beautiful poem. If this were to be the last poem you wrote (and, of course, it isn't), it would be a fitting tribute to a life well lived!! Beautifully penned and so YOU!!!

  2. Thanks, Mary. I stumbled upon it today and thought i'd post it.

  3. So heartfelt!!! I love this poem and feel the same way. Thank you Sherry!

    1. Thanks, Elisabeth. You are a faithful reader! Smiles.

  4. A wonderful poem – which tells me everything about why you and I became online pals immediately upon encountering each other: we have such attitudes in common! I hope neither of us is done with this earthly journey just yet.

  5. I hope there are many more wonders to come but when the time comes perhaps the best thing we can do is trust..but hopefully that is a long way off

  6. I love this so much. The open-hearted curiosity and delight in the natural world has my heart singing, "Yes!"

  7. Yes it is good to look back and be pleased of what you made of your life. We are a greedy though and still want a little but more.

  8. I'd love to hear your report from the far shore, although I may precede you there. In which case, I'll let you know what I see! :)

  9. You have traveled the river of amazement and I believe you have seen with true eyes.

    I am confident that the ferryman will be gentle and I believe people are never really gone, just transformed.

    I know you will awaken in a new light and be seen in blue skies flying with the eagles.

  10. Sherry, you bring so much hope in your poems! And the way you cherish the world with words makes me look around with a bit more charity than wariness.

  11. beautifully written, Sherry. and it doesn't seem at all like a fearful subject. yes, you bring so much hope in your poems.

  12. Such lovely comments. Thank you, friends.

  13. I love this poem so much, Sherry!❤️ The emotions in this are raw and sing through from the heart into the soul of another. Especially like; "The river of amazement will carry me as it carried me through this life,to my next destination,where I hope I will find loveliness like that of this world, where I will meet lost loved ones, and furry tails will thump in welcome." Beautiful!❤️

  14. I think and hope that we all can reach a point when we welcome the angel of darkness into our room like an old friend and ready to leave.

  15. "how to make/my earth-bound body/traverse the space between us/without falling..." that's just breath-taking. So beautiful how you walk through the worlds, this on and apparently the next, with faith. Do, please, report back! ...but don't make the leap for a very, very long time!

    1. Those lines came from a time in hospital, after a serious car wreck, when nurses stood at the foot of my trolley insisting I make my way from trolley to hospital bed unaided, when I could barely move. I was very afraid I would fall between. Thankfully, I didnt. No thanks to hem, lol.

  16. Wonderful poem. I love your vision of leaving life behind for the life of the stars. I hope it is a long time from now Sherry. We share the love of this earth, of nature. You give me hope.

  17. Trust is all important, whether it’s the angel of death or the ferryman. I think by the time they come for me, I’ll be ready for the journey, however near or far, for ‘discovering what comes next’. I especially enjoyed the lines:
    ‘I have made this journey,
    head tipped back,
    and grinning at the sky

    my heart brimming
    with the dazzle
    of this beautiful world,
    who performed her best
    sunrises and sunsets for me’.

  18. Such an eloquent sense to this surrender--but also such a serene quality to this poem which makes it so beautitful

  19. Beautiful! This piece brought a lump to my throat, Sherry. We are currently in the midst of a kindred family situation (extended - not immediate family) and this was so poignant … very moving … serene and yet imbued with a stirring strength that is lovely … and gives peace. Thank you.

  20. Dear Sherry a reflection of truth on a highly positive note Great writing The best is the Love of the planet'


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