Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A Message from the Wolves

Last night
two wolves
visited me in a dream.
They were suspended,
in a sleeping state.
They were dying,
and knew they were dying.
I was being with them, 
loving them,
but it wasn't enough.

"Is there anything more
I can do for you?"
I asked.
"Tell people,"
came their reply,
"and feed us."

I awoke.
It was four a.m.
I am telling the people:
the wild creatures need us.
We must topple
corporations and corrupt governments,
and reclaim our world.
May our every vote 
and choice
and action
reflect our love
of Mother Earth
and the wild beings
who need us
to speak for them
and save their lives.

"Feed us" I take to be wild creatures' wish for humans to stop all the killing and ravaging, to begin to nurture and protect the earth and its beings, so they can find safe places in which to live. I have to admit, my hope, once insurmountable, has declined, with the events of the last two years, when it seems darkness has the upper hand all over the world. But there are more of us than them, if together we rise. And there is power in our vote. Let us use it well.

Sharing with my friends at the Poetry Pantry at Poets United on Sunday. Come join us!


  1. This is very sad really, Sherry. So many of our wild creatures are dying due to our neglect or mistreatment. I am glad the wolves were with you and that you could bring their message through poetry.

  2. What a powerful poem. I hope there will always be people like yourself in the world who dreams of Mother Earth and feeds all its creatures

  3. We only have to change one thing to save the planet: we need to change our mind; our perception. Not until we disavow concepts like "border" and "flag" and "enemy" will we move toward salvation and away from extinction. There's one planet. it's ours. We save it or die. All you need is love.

  4. Sadly the world has gone mad and no longer values the breadth of our beautiful world, merely seeing is as a revenue source without thing about tomorrow. First will go will be the wildlife, forests, then the rivers and oceans while starving man looks on bewildered looking for someone to blame whilst looking in a mirror.

    1. I agree with this. We have already polluted space with our garbage in trying to find another planet to habitat when no one can live on this planet anymore so we can destroy the next one as well.

  5. Oops that should say "thinking" instead of "thing" above.

  6. That is a medicine dream. So sad though. You are a conduit for the wolves and nature.

  7. This is so poignant, Sherry! I sincerely hope mankind gathers sense and that the world is prevented from further destruction.

  8. I do have some hope... it seems like if we just tell it loud enough, even corporations will change their ways... boycott the bad actors... in the end, together we have all the power in our hands.

  9. ...and we should be feeding each other too.

  10. us humans are the ones causing the destruction of wildlife habitats, and we are the only ones with the power to reverse that.
    this is a very timely, and powerful message, Sherry.

  11. This...I want to cling to the hope that asking for help means hope for survival exists.

  12. Sherry, when I feel my hope dwindling, I remind myself there is so much more out there than I can see. Much more than is being presented in the news, as their business is ratings a la fear. Your poem is a good example. It's a wonderful write full of your love for what matters.

  13. We should all of us feed each other. This is lovely sherry but so sad.

  14. I can't help but remember the story a native chief told some anthropologist, that there were two wolves in his soul, ever battling for control. One was good, the other was bad. When the anthropologist asked which wolf won, the chief thought a moment then replied: The one I feed the most. I think we feed the wolves with work like this, and starve the fossil fuel interests seeking to destroy their habitat. Well done.

  15. Where is the hope these days? I keep thinking that the only places where balance has been maintained is in the undeveloped parts of the world. So, it looks like the last have become the first! Great write!

  16. You took this piece in a very especial and profoundly impactful direction, Sherry. It is stirring and leaves, I think, a haunting and (let-us-pray) rallying impression, in its wake.

  17. This is so true, Sherry. Poor creatures, we need to include them in the big picture of adaptation. I don't know what has happened to our "Environmental Impact Statement" requirement. Probably been done away with like every other thing nice for humanity and Nature's other creatures.

  18. More militancy is needed. Simple as that.It worked before in the Vietnam moratorium it can work again.

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  20. I heard a former representative of our current vile administration trying to spin things as being not urgent and was filled with disgust. Not just because of her transparent lies, but because so many people accepted them. I know things are shifting and polls are showing that even demographics that have been resistant to accepting the science of climate change are slowly getting it, but we need change NOW.


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