Thursday, September 19, 2019


From every corner
of Grandma’s small cottage,
I could hear it –
the old metal clock,
ticking and tocking
on the kitchen windowsill.

Grandma’s house was that peaceful.

My four year old heart drank in
the safety and serenity,
the way a parched sunflower
gratefully receives
summer rain.

Grandma’s house
showed me, child of
drinking and violence,
that  another life
was possible.

I followed that blueprint
for the rest of my life.

Looking back,
I remember the sound
of that old metal clock,
ticking and tocking,
singing its small, brave song
of peace.

For my prompt Friday at Real Toads: Grandma’s Kitchen.


  1. What a sentence, Sherry: ‘Grandma’s house was that peaceful.’ I felt the same about my nan’s house – only the ticking clock was in my grandparents’ bedroom, there was no clock in the kitchen, possibly because it was so small there was no room for one, or it might remind her of how little time was left to do her chores!

  2. Yes, I too have loving memory of my grandmother. The day after I started school as a five year old I refused to go again so she looked after me that day!

  3. I love how the ticking of the clock gives a consistency - a reliable and safe noise. A place of safety. I'm glad it was there for you and continues on through you

  4. I love that small song of peace. It sounds as if your grandmoher's kitchen was a safe place in your turbulent younger years.

  5. You too had a sanctuary with your grandmother. I especially like your comparison, "the safety and serenity" compared to the sunflower's welcome acceptance of the rain.
    Thank you much for hosting.

  6. You were blessed to have your Granny and her loveliness. She showed you a different life. I think lovely Grannies
    are angels.

  7. I was transported to another time and place by this .. and the sweetest prompt ever.

  8. I'm imagining the sound, and it's soothing... There is something magical about grandma's kitchen. For me, it was the sight of herbs drying, walking up to them and sniffing them... Every herb had its own scent, but somehow they all smelled like her. These days, those scent feel like home.

  9. I like the music of the clock as sounds of peace.

  10. There is something about the ticking clock that takes me back to my grandparents home. Now I have the family clock, but I never wind it up. Some losses are too great.

  11. How beautiful that you had a haven to go to. It must’ve been a boon to your spirit.

  12. I love how you describe your grandmother's house as a refuge from the chaos of life..

  13. I think we all remember our 'peaceful' places. Such beautiful memories for you!

  14. This poem is like being wrapped in a loved, worn quilt. Adore this whole challenge!


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