Thursday, September 26, 2019

Coyotes at Last Mountain Lake

I heard the coyotes howling
as evening fell
at Last Mountain Lake,
and I thought of you,
my old wolf-pal,
and how you would tip 
your nose up to the moon
and howl mournfully
for all the wild places you loved
that we had lost.

Then you'd come to me and rest
your forehead against my knee,
wearily, for comfort.
We loved and lost so much together,
old pal of mine.
But, always, we had each other.

And now I am alone.
My nose tilted up
towards the moon,
an inner howl
expressed in secret tears.
Still missing walking
our wild beaches
with you.

I have shared this poem from 2015 before. When I wrote it, I was living inland, missing the wild waves.  Felt like posting it again today for some reason.  I am so grateful to have had that amazing being in my life for fourteen years. Grateful for the adventures and blessings I have had in my life. And for the gift of being here again, at the shore, just Being with the sea and the sky.


  1. You had such a special relationship with Pup-it was a heaven sent gift!! This was beautiful and heart wrenching~
    Yesterday, I was watching a show about wolves and thought of you and Pup!! I am so, happy you had the blessing of being his owner and he having you to understand his need of adventure~ Hugs!

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Sherry. It says so very much. I like the sound of a coyote, but it is hard when one hears also the sound of the coyote killing a helpless small thing. I know that is how nature works though, part of the cycle of life.


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