Saturday, January 19, 2019

What She Taught Me

She taught me that
"the grass is also alive
and listening."
She taught me to see 
the beauty of the earth
even more clearly.
She gave me gifts of sky
and bird and song.
Her words helped me
better love this world,
and my "one wild 
and precious life."

for Magaly's prompt at Real Toads: to write keeping in mind Mary Oliver's words, that poetry "mustn't be fancy".


  1. She is the sort of teacher who teaches her students how to learn. And how lucky we are, to see her for what she is... to delight in her teachings and embrace them fully.

    This is perfect.

  2. Right in the feels, Sherry. I need to dig out some of her books again, and heed the lessons there too.

  3. I can really hear how she's been an inspiration for you... wonderful

  4. She taught us all so much! -and with such abandon! In language which wasn't fancy, but O so carefully draped ...

  5. Thoughtful, gentle poem. She taught you well.

  6. Love it!!! It seems nothing more is needed. She was a wise teacher.

  7. She did teach us to seek wonder in the world, and I pass that on to my students each year.. always ask of them that question: What will you do..?

  8. A beautiful tribute, Sherry.

  9. I have spent the past couple of days re-reading her poetry. Thank God we have her voice still.

  10. She was certainly a gift to all of us. Sherry, you are my place of peace. Thank you for being you and sharing words of nature and wisdom.

  11. This is so full of hope and light, Sherry! Love it😊


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