Friday, January 11, 2019

A Ms Magoo Kinda Heart

Maxine's creator is John Wagner

Wild Woman's disability is
she wishes she were cool,
but finds herself most often cast
as Ms Magoo, the happy fool.

Teetering at the cliff-side, 
others clutching at her cape,
"Look at all the pretty stars!"
she cries, eyes and mouth agape.

Down she goes! Vexatious rocks!
A branch has hung her by her socks.
She mimes she planned to slide the cliff :
I'm fine. It's really fun. As if.

There's a sign up ahead.
It's too bad she can't see.
The folks below are shocked to see
Wild Woman flying free.

A Ms Magoo kinda heart,
in a benign world ever funny,
Wild Woman cannot see the grey.
She keeps her blue skies sunny. 

Now she's out in the orchard
dancing - skip skip skip -
there's many a sorry stumble twixt
the high-step and the flip.

Follow fools into the meadow.
Let's all hoot at the owl,
dance with the chickens,
both fair-weather and fowl.

Smiling grimly 'top the steering wheel
and blinded by the light:
"Officer, I'm not impaired,
I just don't have much sight."
Wild Woman rarely drives at night,
because she knows she's blind.
Thank God the policeman
was Canadian, and kind.

Each little touch of pixie dust
gets followed by an "ouch!"
I think it's safer keeping
Wild Woman on the couch.

A funny poem from January 2018 to share with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United on Sunday. Come join us!


  1. Oh how I love this one, Sherry. I enjoy your humor and the way you make light of yourself. We really have to laugh at ourselves, don't we! There is no other choice sometimes. Smiles.

  2. Oh that was fun! And I think Wild Woman has many redeeming features; not least her inner-child playfulness. She's an example to us all.

  3. world needs you out there, Sherry. maybe a seeing eye dog? since they're better than people anyways

  4. I love this. You take your aging gratefully and with the salting of humor. I think Wild Woman needs to take her act on the road.

  5. Ah, Sherry, this is a good one, haha!

  6. LOL... how heartwarmingly amusing!!

  7. "She keeps her blue skies sunny." She does. Always :)

  8. ha-ha - quite a change of pace for you! not falling but flying - wild woman keep off that couch

  9. Oh I absolutely love the light-heartness of this poem, Sherry!💖 It's good to laugh it off sometimes 😊 we are human after all.

  10. This made me smile, then laugh--loved the line about keeping the skies sunny. :)

  11. Oh, I really loved this funny poem, Sherry. Thanks for the laughter this morning.

  12. Oh what fun. What witty wisdom. Grow old laugh at yourself and let the world laugh with you.

    Happy Sunday Sherry


  13. Laughing at one's diminishing abilities is better than weeping over them, don't you think? :)

  14. Sherry, this was delightfully fun! Tis, better I think to be a happy fool as more adventures seem to come into play.

  15. Sometimes it is just best to laugh...getting older ain't easy, not for the faint of heart!!

  16. I remember Mr Magoo with fondness. When I was a child, he made me giggle. I always thought he needed a Ms Magoo!

  17. Wildness is the sort of coolness most souls spend their entire life wishing for. The Wild Woman knows this. In her bones.

  18. How light hearted and funny. We all have our moments- I love this Sherry!

  19. Love it! What a wonderful 'ride' of a read. You nailed it! Humorous poems, such as this one, are much harder to pull off, well, than their light hearted content might suggest, at first pass. Rhyme and cadence are a big part of striking the mirthful tone on which the funny/droll content is pinned - and it can be a huge challenge, to get it all working together to such fabulous effect (as I know from experience ~ lol ~). Really enjoyed this one, Sherry! Awesome writing!

  20. One of life's secrets is to be able laugh at oneself, so having done that be pleased that other laugh with you too! This would be a good prompt subject "Self Criticism".

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  22. I like your dotty ole lady poems especially the part about seducing the policeman:)


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