Thursday, January 3, 2019

River Wild

Kennedy River
By Gayle Hayes

January's wild winds
topple trees,
torrential rains
flood banks,
raging river
roars through the canyon

May Womanpower
roar through
the halls of government,
mighty as a river,
wild as the wind,
and wise and true
as a talking tree.

For Sanaa's Get Listed at Real Toads. Loving the 100 women elected in the US, who are going to be speaking some truth to those old boys.


  1. I love the comparison of January's wild winds and Womanpower, Sherry! New Year, new brooms!

  2. Amen!💞 Love the emotion and spirit of this poem, Sherry😊 thank you so much for participating.

  3. I'm totally cracking up @ Kim's comment - new brooms! WHOOT!

    Short but effective poem Sherry - it has the tone and chant feel of a prayer and a roar as well, of a warning --- change change change is coming! (about bloody time!)

    And you did just fine for the writing my friend, even if you feel muddled for it, after your restful break. It's good to sit back and stop for awhile, even if it's hard to get back into the swing of things. And I'm glad you're feeling well for it - and are safe, after all the wild weather. And since I haven't had the chance yet - Happy New Year - may 2019 be filled with bright blessings, joys and much lightness in your heart.

  4. I love talking trees. If only all of us could be as wise.

  5. Wild Wind Woman Power...that is my new year's slogan. :)

  6. I'm with you, sherry. I voted for every one if she agreed with the party I voted. First off my motive was to help throw the unworthy out.

  7. May Womanpower
    roar through
    the halls of government

    Pitching in on a responsibility for a good cause is a good thing.


  8. May the roars bloom into contagious action that overtakes hearts and reminds all of their responsibilities!

    I really love this, Sherry.

  9. Yes, this is good one!! A good way to start the year!!

  10. I hope that we will see unity against the tangerine terror... but most of all I would like to see politics working...

  11. Who isn't a fan of woman power in present times? Great way to give them a shout out, Sherry.

  12. You go Sister!! Sing it loud and strong!!

  13. With wild winds and woman power, we can do anything! Love this Sherry.


  14. nature and current events so well done! The metaphor rings out!


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