Saturday, January 12, 2019


Owl on the doorstep,
neat as a pin;
say the right word,
and she'll let you in.

Hollow is the heart
that has left love out;
but if it tries to fool you,
smack it on the snout.

Witches in the meadow
beckon us to follow;
wolves are a-wilding,
down in the hollow.

Bones so brittle,
bones that are hollow -
suck out the marrow -
try not to swallow.

Crooked witchy fingers,
hollow as a bone;
if she points one at you,
you have to take her home.

Some nonsense for Marian's prompt at Real Toads : Hollow


  1. She better not point my way. I'm not taking anyone home. Nope, I am not! 😁

  2. Nonsense?? No, no! This is brilliant! Each stanza is a gem - love the feel of an incantation... and a caution to be wary of witch-women!

  3. Your witchy owl poem reminds me of a skipping rhyme, Sherry, with its rhythm and rhyme. Anything with owls and witches gets my attention. I particularly enjoyed the stanza about the wolves a-wilding.

  4. The witch can come here and help with the cooking when I'm fed up with it, I am sure she could brew up something nice!

  5. Lol I am currently smacking it on the snout these days my dearest Sherry! 😊

  6. Ah this little bit of nonsense is delicious for the spontaneity and the lessons woven within the textures and fabrics; as Kim noted, this is a very light for it tone and feeling, and yet the lessons are there. Throw caution to the winds, - I'll enjoy the owl, the witch, and wolves - with open arms! :)

  7. "If she points one at you,you have to take her home," i.e. one of Nature's laws you'll have to follow so best be to stay away. Sounds like 'sound' advice. I sooo enjoyed reading this ditty, Sherry. Thank you.

  8. LOVE this! Would really enjoy hearing you read it aloud Ms. Sherry.

  9. Such an interesting use of hollow in different ways. Love the rhymes and sounds in this one, Sherry!

  10. I dunno, a perfect braid of laughter and wilderness all hallow.

  11. So fun! I can imagine this being chanted as children jump rope! Well done

  12. OMG Sherry I just love this!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful, I heard it and your laughter as I read. :)


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