Sunday, January 6, 2019


Pure snowflakes fall upon a dust-gray street:
Love's beauty, scattered by a Baby's fingers.
The softened, hov'ring winter darkness lingers:
A gentle life, so sweet to me, so sweet!
Clear, poignant carols echo on the air,
Sung by the pale-lipped children of December.
With breathless joy, always will I remember
Their angel-sounds, so fair to hear, so fair.
The gifts pile high under the Christmas tree.
The gaiety grows greater every day.
Into my dreams, a starved child finds his way:
"A crust of bread for me, a crust for me."
The thought of him remains all season through -
So far away, so little I can do.

for Bjorn's prompt at dVerse: to post a sonnet, new or old. This one is very old. I wrote it in 1963 when I was fifteen. It seems the inequities of the world bothered me back then as much as they do now. I will also try to write a new sonnet.


  1. The contrast between the joy of Christmas and those who have nothing is so tragic... the ultimate story I always think of is the little match girl by H-C Anderssen which always make me cry...

  2. I liked the Yin Yang nature of this piece Sherry. A wonderful sonnet at the heart of the spirit of the season... :-)

  3. Nice line: "Love's beauty, scattered by a Baby's fingers."

  4. I am glad you keep your writing, Sherry ~

  5. I still have a few poems from way back then, Sherry, and I have to say that this sonnet is so well-crafted for a fifteen year old – a sign of what was to come. Your teenage self captured the contrast of those that have and those that have not, and filled it with benevolence.

  6. A beautiful poem from long ago...not much has changed...but in the big scheme of things, it's really not so long ago?

  7. World hunger is still an ever-growing problem. It begs the question, Who will feed the children?

    I have to say, I believe you were born with an older soul as you sees beyond your years. I mean that as a good thing, my friend.


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